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  1. RP Name(s):Saber Steam Profile: Time on server: 631.98 HOURS How you think you will be useful:I was a Server admin, And hope to be soon. This means I will not break rules. At the same time I am willing to shed blood for my breatheren. Even to the death.
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  3. Your IGN:Saber Player being reported:hiddensnipepr70 People involved:trextyler What the player has done wrong:RDM because of disagreement with music( IT WAS JUST CHRISTIAN MUSIC MAN) Proof:
  4. Your IGN:Saber Player being reported:AwsomeJam People involved:Saber What the player has done wrong:RDM Proof: AwsomeJam killed Saber using m9k_jackhammer. Sadly i did not get a screen shot for this. all i have is the console log
  5. Your IGN:Saber Player being reported:Senpai chan People involved:Saber What the player has done wrong:Propblocking a car Proof:
  6. Your IGN:Saber Player being reported:Senpai chan People involved:Unclear( either ChronicNuggs or med) What the player has done wrong:Kiddinap in spawn Multiple times and destroying car to extract player Proof:
  7. All i am doing is protecting his in server rights. Its true illusion asked him to leave spawn but then these people tried to take matters into there own hands. This is completly illegal
  8. Your IGN:Saber Player being reported:Tacoman,Mateo, and Jed Bilansky People involved:Ronald Chump, What the player has done wrong:Kiddinap in spawn and towtruck in spawn Proof: This is a video Where i am kiddinaped in spawn for helping Ronald Chump, we are then assasinated for our "crimes" VIDEO LINK HERE:
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    I apologize

    regardless I am aware of what i did and i am sorry. Will you forgive me?
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    I apologize

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    I apologize

    Dear Giezey, There is no simple way of saying this. I messed up. Stinkyty was a friend of mine before I was made an admin. I exchanged the information to Stinkyty in a friendly manner and we both used it for a while. In fact, I used the exploit countless times. I apologize for lying to you about that. I did however tell you the truth when I said I stopped using the exploit when I became admin. I felt I had to make a good example. After I rage quit I took some time to think. At first my thoughts were that I was demoted for the wrong reasons. But as time went on I realized that I needed to take a closer look at what you said. You said “I am not angry that you didn’t tell an overseer about the exploit, I’m angry that you used it in the first place.” I now realize that using the exploit was a bad decision. If everyone were to use it the server would go instantly into chaos. I apologize deeply for every single time that I use the x-ray exploit. It’s unprofessional, invasive, and rude. I realize that it will be sometime before you’re even capable by rules and heart of reinstating me as admin. But when you’re making your final decision, please recognize that my only intent for becoming an admin was to help the server as best I could. I never did it for the power. And I still believe there is more I can do to help with the server. I sincerely promise that I will not use and exploit ever again. I will contact the overseer whenever he or she is online. Please accept my apologies Sincerely, Nerando Antonio Savage
  12. Ya sorry about the Rage quit. Im back now guys. WHO WANTS FREE HEAL VIALS
  14. (Before I go on I know that Hate said this would mostlikly come in the next update. But since everytime he has told us it was coming out, he has missed the deadline each time. So if there is not going to be an update soon then please make the lightsaber not a wait for all of us.) The lightsaber is an elegant weapon used for many purposes. All of them including, killing, jumping, healing and absorbing bullets. Ever since its conseption in 1976 ( or if your getting technical, the tython forge before the jedi cold war) it has captured the minds of people. It has also made a stand in a wonderful server in darkrp reloaded. However, it is farless disirable. Its powers are equal to its beauty but its cost remains high. In order to buy such an elegant weapon, You must first purchase it in the point shop for 2000 points. (THATS ALOT OF POINTS). to make things worse you dont even get to keep it when you die. So all that work for all those points fades away when that one bullet goes through your head. That is why I, and so many others, believe the lightsaber should become a donate-able item. HERE ARE THREE REASONS WHY. It benifits the server. With a price of only 20 dollars(estamating through chatting of friends that the amount of people buying would be 70 at the least(THAT MEANS PEOPLE WILL BUY) it would net the server a good 1,400 dollars. Looking at hosthavocs server listings(slots being .50 perslot), It would be enough to support Reloaded for 2800 months, OR 233.3 REPEATING YEARS. Just imagine what The co-owners could do with all that money. It benifits the comunity. The lightsaber is an update in of its self. It brings a whole new playing field to mind with the new jumping capability. The healing capability is also a great concept allowing for fast transmutation of force to health( if you are worried that the healing feature will bring an end to the need of medic then don't. Not everyone is going to buy the lightsaber. and the medic heal rate is faster than the healrate of a lightsaber. to top it all of the heal uses force meaning if you use too much you cant jump which can leave you in a tight situation.) and the force absorb allowes for minor absorbtion to damage. I have heard people say "Whats not to like about it" or "this is fucking badass." As you can see the comunity loves the item and will gladly accept it as somthing more with this suggestion. I know it easy to code. When you buy the damascus sword you spawn with it. The same can be done with a lightsaber. I know this because when you are aressted you loose your weapons. Kiddinaping is the same ish form of code. But when you come back from being kiddinaped or raped your weapons come back as well. Since their both the same code when you comeback I know for a diagnostic fact that it will take you not a long time. As you can see, There are many good reasons and more on why we should have the lightsaber become a donateable item like the damascus sword. ( Also on a side note. Can you give admins the tool to give lightsabers. More than often in my short time of being admin have i seen someone rdmed with a lightsaber. I just want to make more people happy thats all.) (comment of i left anything out)
  15. Your IGN:Nerandosabermaster Player being reported:Canadian Wolf People involved:Wolfe What the player has done wrong:Racist COMMENT followed by rdm Proof: