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  1. I cried while reading this. #dicksout4Jek #prayforjek #thatswhatyouget
  2. Wasn't saying that we should have outlines. Either way, you make a good point Agil, it's not like friendly fire happens a lot. Although, even though you might think it's so difficult for it to happen, it really does happen a lot more commonly than you think. When you're in a cramped position/base, and in the heat of the moment while raiding you might accidentally slip up and double barrel a team member. Glad to hear that you agree that we should have the party system back though. I don't mind waiting either, I just want this to be re-added sometime in the future.
  3. I understand where you're coming from, but I mainly would want the party system readded to prevent friendly fire while raiding, and party chat. Besides, the organization system does not give you a literal "wallhack." You see a green dot where your gang members are, you don't see the exact position/outline of your friend. If you thought from reading that sentence that I suggest we should be able to see outlines of our party members with the party system, I don't. Lol
  4. this is the correct one cubic
  5. If they did I think they would bring it to the new server, but there is no party system in the new server. Because of that, I assume that it was not in the server before it shut down. (Just realized that the server may have had this before it shut down. This post is now to suggest READDING the party system, if they weren't going to already.)
  6. don't you mean oh my dad? (but in all seriousness, you're an awesome admin, keep up the good work!)
  7. I personally feel that we should add a party system to the server. This means that people could do !party in chat, with a list of parties showing up that they can join. People could make parties for their friends and themselves too. The party members would be unable to damage/shoot each other, which could extremely help in raids. I say that because I have witnessed people, and I personally have mistakenly killed a friend before while raiding someone's base. Also, you should be able to put a password for your party just in case you don't want anyone else joining it. With the party system a party chat could accompany it. To talk in this chat, you would just do /party or /p, with your message next to it. This way you don't have to pm your friends 1 by 1 from long distances, and be able to communicate efficiently with your friends privately. The max amount of party members should be around 6, no more. I have seen this mod/addon implemented into another server, and I would love to see it in DarkRP Reloaded too! Thank you for taking your time to read this suggestion! If you agree or disagree with me, please let me know. I'd love to hear your opinions.
  8. Yeah I figure you could. I mean why not? They are your gang members, so you are allowed to kill the raiders who attempt to kill them. That's just what I think though.
  9. Having fun playing DarkRP Reloaded!

  10. I meant to make this report a little while ago when I first discovered this glitch. If it has already been fixed, please let me know so I can delete this post. Thank you!
  11. In Game Name: TheSpyBoss Severity of bug/glitch/exploit: Description of bug/glitch/exploit: What triggered the bug/glitch/exploit Who else was involved or saw the bug/glitch/exploit: Anyone who tried to buy ammo for the Winchester 73, and I. Other (Screenshots, videos, etc): None