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Found 2 results

  1. Be an active player of our community and our server. Yes. Be 16 years of age with an acceptable maturity level.No . Be a long time player or donator. (We have trust issues. I hope you understand.)Yes. Speak and type English fluently.Yes (take note that my main language is not english). Steam name: My steam name is TeH PuDDinG Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:77216109 RP name: My rp name is TeH PuDDinG Age: I am 12 years old (I think I am mature enough for my age). Time zone + Location: Quebec,Canada EDT. Hours Available: I am available from 4:30 pm to 10 pm while at school. While im in vacation/weekend I am available all day long from 7 am to 12 pm About You: Hello, my name is Matthew. I am a guy who was born in levi's hospital and since when I live in a small town called St-Elzeard. I grew up with my familly on a farm I live with my mother, my dad and my sister. Back when I was 5 years old I was always going to visit our farm with my dad and my sister and I remember A cow called sirene she was my favourite . at 6 years old I discoverded a game called Marvel VS Capcom so I asked my parents to buy me this game with a Play Station 2 and this is where I started loving video games... Many months later my grand-pa (hes the best grand-pa ever) showed me how to use a computer and this is where I found one of my favourite game called Roblox. I played this games for years and years and then Marvel VS Capcom 2 came out. I started playing it with my grand-pa and I loved it. For the next few years I was playing Marvel VS Capcom. When I was in 3rd grade I met a guy called Jean-Phillipe, I started talking to him and then we became friends... One day he told me about a thing called steam and Left 4 Dead 2 and explained to me how to download steam so we could play games together. I downloaded steam, bought Left 4 Dead 2 and we started playing playing together. Since then I didn't stop playing games and making new friends....... Anyway let's now talk about the present So these days I am now a 7th grader playing video games with my friends. This year I am going to what in Canada we call "The Secondary" its like a new school where every near villages around go to this school. I wanted to go in the english option where we learn more english than in the normal option but I didn't had the choice but going in normal option because I had bad mathematics notes. In my vacation I worked with my dad on the farm which I dont get payed alot (5$ per hour) but that is enough for me to pay my food at school (and buy some video games . (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc) I love playing video games with my friend because it can make me think about something else than getting bullied at school and my personal goal is to have a good job (I want to be a programmer), Being good at school, And Live a good life. Why you would be an asset to our team: I would be a great asset to the team for many reasons: I love working, I have patience, I am very clear with respecting the rules and I LOVE helping persons (Promote yourself, tell us why you are invaluable, what makes you better than the rest) I think I can be a good admin because I did admin/own a Minecraft server and I know what admining is all about. It is hard and I know it and I will do my best to be online and helping the players of this wonderful community. Thank you for reading and dont forget to put a +1 or - 1 - TeH PuDDinG
  2. Only

    Admin App #2

    Steam name:Envy RP name:Mr Squirtel Age:15 (16 in August) Time zone + Location:CentralTimeZone(Texas) Hours Available:3am to 10 Pm About You:Hello, Whats Up My Name Is Rick Im Am 15YearsOfAge.My Favorite Hobbies Are To Design And PlayGames Also To Play On DarkRp reloaded With Friends Or Without. I Have Been On The Server For About 4 to 5 Months Now.Also I Have Only Been On the (Ts) Server For 3 Months .My Goal In Life Is To Become a Professional Graphic Designer.Theres Really Not Much To Me Why you would be an asset to our team:Reasons I Would Be An Assets I Have Been Staff On 3 Other DarkRp Servers And Owned My Own Community For a Different Game.I Know Most Rules For The Server.I Am Very Passionate And Patient Person.I Am a Nice Person But I Do What Is Needed.I Am Very Active.I Also Have Been On The Server For Longer Than i Have Been On The Fourms.I Have Not Been In Very Admin Sits.The Ones I Have We False Calls Our It Was People That Just Dont Read Chat.I Am a Donater So i Have Loyalty To The Server. I Know Its Short