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Found 1 result

  1. This is my forum application #2. I have really improved and I hope to be considered. In-Game Name: trextyler Steam Name: trextyler Steam ID32: STEAM_0:1:46400850 (Added just in-case) Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator: It is a personal goal to give back to the community. I have played on the server for a very long time now, longer than most. I don't have a Mic so I can't be a server staff member. So, I figured that I could at-least try to help in other ways. If you haven't noticed, over the past few months my forum activity has greatly increased. I truly thing that I could make a difference by being a forum moderator. By being a forum moderator, I can easily RP, and not lose too much time on it. When the server is down, I almost ALWAYS go to the forums. How long have you been on the forums: Since 2/12/14 (Almost 6 months) What are your goals once forum moderator: My goals as a forum moderator are to be precise and correct. Typing is my one of my better abilities, one of my goals is to type swift and well correctly. I strive to be fair and unbiased, this is my main reason of respect of the one and only Motokaya. I will be on the Forums even more than I currently am. How are you going to accomplish these goals: Instead of posting "-1's" on peoples applications I will consider the facts. Not everyone has the same timezone, that doesn't mean some players don't at-least deserve a CHANCE. I will practice my skills and improve in the necessary areas. When posting on someones topics I will completely clear my mind of all other memories on that player (unless an application) to avoid being biased. While on the server RP'ing, I will have the forums open in the Steam Overlay (Shift-Tab menu), this will keep me on the forums much longer. Why we should choose you: I think I will be a great addition to the forum moderators team, I am completely aware of the amount of forum staff already... I refuse to change my opinion on that. My grammar is pretty good and I always make sure my posts are understandable. When I notice an obvious reason for a thread to be locked, (such as upon request) I notify a forum/global Mod. Generally the Mod I notify is either UnholyPsycho or Motokaya. I do not require it, but I would greatly appreciate if Unholy and Moto vouched for the previous statement in the replies. I am pretty well known throughout the community, and this would help me interact with players I normally wouldn't. Notes: Since my first application (2 months ago) I have OVER tripled my post count. Here is a link to my first one. It was closed by my request so I could improve. ( ) This originally was a [TEST] Application. Thanks to UnholyPsycho, He changed title and moved it for me. Please consider my Application and leave feedback on the it.