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Found 6 results

  1. Exposition It doesn't really ask who I am and my intro thread is ~soopr~ old so I'm going to go ahead and introduce myself to any of you who are not familiar with who I am. My name is Joshua and I am 14 years old. I attend a public Highschool and we are the "Pumas". I live in southern California, USA and have lived in So Cal all my life. I was born in San Diego, and lived there for about half a day because we were moving that day anyway. I then lived in Fresno for about 3 years and moved back to San Diego. I lived in Military Housing until 2009, which then I moved to my current town (more like 3 towns smashed into one another). I believe this is the longest my family has lived anywhere, at a total of (about) 6 years and we intend on staying. I suffer from ADD and a huge range of back, neck, and stomach issues which I inherited from my dad (THANKS DAD, GAWD) but it has never distracted me from one of my favorite past times (next to gaming, of course!), Baseball. I have been playing Baseball since I was about 4 or 5 years old and I was pretty good at it until I got a concussion a few years ago and then skipped a season. I am slowly regaining my skill but it's going to be tough. I am a huge console peasant but I would choose PC over my Xbox any day. I used to be the leader of a Call of Duty sniper/trickshotter team (don't laugh pls) called Team Chemikal which crashed and burned at 800+ subs. I am an average B-C student with an occasional F or A. I can be very argumentative sometimes, which I get from my mom, but I try to keep that away from the forums. But if it does seem like I'm being an ass at time, at least you kind of get an explanation. In-Game Name: Josh Sells Guns Steam Name: Josh Sells Guns Why Do You Want To Be A Forum Moderator: I would like to be a Forum Moderator to keep the peace on the forums, assist users when needed/necessary, and provide the best experience possible to all the members and viewers. How Long Have You Been On The Forums: 7 Months 21 Days What Are Your Goals Once Forum Moderator: To enforce the rules of the forums and prevent any form of disruption of the experience or anything/anyone that breaks the forums rules/agreements. How Are You Going To Accomplish These Goals: I am going to accomplish these goals by being active on the forums (being on everyday or almost everyday), checking on topics as soon as they appear, and knowing when/how a rule/term of service has been broken and how it is solved. Why We Should Choose You: I am on the forum almost everyday and I read (nearly) every topic. I have read the rules and Forum Moderator rules and understand them. I like to think that I am a generally friendly person and am well liked throughout the community, but it isn't really up to me. I guess I will see what everyone thinks after they post. Thank for reading, and I hope you enjoyed and will consider recruiting me to the Moderating Team. I know you guys would never know aside from me saying this but it took me forever to figure out what to say in the "why we should choose you" part. *Cue Sad Music* I guess I don't feel special to myself ;_; If you notice any spelling/grammar/just plain fact errors PLEASE let me know as soon as possible so that I may correct it. L8rs H8rs.
  2. Umm, for you paintballers and airsofters, post pics of what you own.
  3. Hey I know that a couple of other servers have it, and it works fine. How about instead of the player having to pick up the ammo, it goes right to the gun to avoid somebody stealing it. It would be really cool and a lot of people would like it.
  4. Ogrelord's Clan What is an Ogre, you ask? An Ogre is a highly skilled soldier that is able to think of a solution to any situation. They are strategic and highly capable in taking down an army of farquads. Swift in movement and flexible in acrobatics. No matter what position they are held in, they are able to take it. Ogres are only trustworthy and reliable when you treat them with respect, we will repay you with an ogre treaty. Ogres are mainly composed of onions. Give us onions, we will give you glory. To be an enemy of such an ogre is certain death, so watch out. Overall, ogres are neutral creatures until provoked. To remind all of you, never. fondle with our onions nor swamps. The Squads As you can see most of the colors of the titles here are green, that is because that is the color of shrek. Alright, in this system, we have something called squads, and there are four. Each squad is ranked from lowest to highest. Being lowest is a disadvantage, as you will not have many access to secret ogre hideouts and ogre weapons, but will still have limited free onions (weapons, armor, health, etc..) While being the highest is a reward, and each rank rewarded, we will hand out onions. We will rank you based on how well you handle your onions. Here are the 4 squads of the Ogreclan. Squad Ogreseer: The best squad of the clan, has access to all sorts of free onions (To see the free onions, read the above paragraph) Ogreseers will be able to command the 2 lowest ranks only. Only the ogrelord is able to command every rank. To be an ogreseer, you must be a long time member, highly skilled, participates in all meetings and raids, and must praise shrek. Squad Swamp: Squad swamp is the 2nd best rank. They have 80% access to free onions. Squad Swamp is able to command the lowest rank only. To be assigned this rank, you must be a decent time member, participate in most meetings and raids, and MUST PRAISE SHREK. Squad Onions: Squad onions is one of the lower quartile ranks. You only have 50% access to free onions. You are not allowed to command any ranks at all. You must listen to squad swamp and squad ogreseer, and in this action you will be able to be promoted. To be assigned this rank, you must be an average ogre, participate in some meetings and raids, and still praise shrek. If you do not listen to your elder ogres, you will be sentenced to ogreslaughter. Squad Donkey: Squad Donkey is the lowest rank, You have 20% access to free onions. You are not allowed to command any ranks at all. You must listen to both Squad Swamp and Squad Ogreseer, and in this action you will be able to be promoted. To be assigned this rank, you must be a rookie ogre, seldom participate in meetings and raids, and still praise shrek. If you do ont listen to your elder ogres, you will be sentenced to Ogrehell. BEWARE: If any ogre is in the act of treason, you will experience the worst punishment. This is a warning to all ogre squads. You don't want to know what the punishment is also. The System may seem quite harsh, but to be an ogre, you must be able to take all the risks. I want to be an ogre! But how?? To be an ogre, you must reach these requirements and use this form to apply. Requirements: -Over 12 years old of age -Understand your leaders -Forgive your fellow ogres -Love shrek, the almighty -A skilled gunman -respond to any situation -like the taste of onions -live in a swamp -Application- Age: Do you love shrek: From 1 to 10 rate your skills with guns: From 1 to 10 rate your skills with building: Do you have a sense of humor: Do you like onions: Can you work in a team: Are you able to work yourself out of any situation: Will you listen to your higher rank members: Who is the Ogrelord(Hint: It's Me and Shrek): Rules: -Love Shrek -Love your Ogrelord -Love Onions -Hate Donkey I also have a few things in mind. In these situations, you will act in this way: -Instead of Raid Over, you will say Raid Ogre -When someone raids us, all will yell "GET OUT OF OUR SWAMP" on the count of the ogrelord's signal. -Over is now ogre. - The base will be called "The Swamp" -Ogre betrayers will all be held on a pole and be stoned with onions. Your almighty Ogrelord is Shroge (And Shrek). Ogres will take this world ogre, and change it into whole another on, laddeh. Don't forget to leave an onion on the way out. and please apply for a free onion.
  5. Steam name: Aethos RP name: Aethos Age: 20 Time zone + Location: EST - Miami,FL Hours Available: 5PM - 11PM Monday - Sunday (On Average unless i post otherwise) About You: well i really enjoy playing on reloaded i have been playing on here for a while now. 5-6+ months i like to have my fun but i know when to lock it down and and do what has to be done. i love this server and the peoples. my peoples are here I feel like i would be a good asset cause im really dedicated to everything i do. i dont half-ass anything and like helping people. I follow the rules and try to enforce them and make people aware of them to as much of my ability with my current VIP Plus status. I really aprecciate all this server has to offer and would like to help better it and show other people all the greatness i see in this server. PS: love you guys GUNS IS THE BESTEST BESTEST 420 ADMIN DAKOTA IS SWAGALICIOUS PSS: Guns is BIPOLAR!!!! (inside joke)