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Found 1 result

  1. In-Game Name: Spencer Zim Steam Name: Spencer Zim (original: thezimmerman151) Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator: I notice myself posting more and more on the forums and am really enjoying them I would like to be a moderator so I can work on them and help people with problems more out of game. How long have you been on the forums: Since Dec 1 2013 ( 3 months - and longer on the sever) What are your goals once forum moderator: To keep things in order keep people from spamming and breaking rules as well as helping people new to the forums or confused as to how they work. How are you going to accomplish these goals: Be and stay active check the forums out a few times a day at LEAST and check out new as well as old discussions! Why we should choose you: Why not? (Jokes) Because I am a friendly person who really enjoys helping others. I try to respond as fast as I can but also take enough time to make good decisions and not rush or be one sided in things like deputes. I hope you will consider my App to help out the forums as I do the server. Thanks, Spencer Zim