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Found 2 results

  1. Joker

    Printer Compromise.

    So a lot of people like the old printers more than the new printers because of variety and maybe looked a bit cooler. But the new printers are big, you can only make 3, the 3 you make are the same kind, they will eventually blow up no matter what you do, its boring watching them. I understand the old printers were removed because of lag but I think we should bring back the old printers BUT... Only the printers which require coolant. The newbies can make weed until they get enough to by coolant printers. When you get rid of all the other printers which don't require coolant, EVERYONE wont be spamming the cheap printers all over the map and leaving them there for hours unattended causing lag.Only some rich people will have lag-causing printers which cost up to 200k and not that many of them. Eliminate about 60% (I'm guessing) of the old printers and the lag will definitely be brought down, maybe even less then there is right now (Probably not, I'm just an optimist). So a compromise, only bring back 3-4 of the old printers to make people happy and cut down on the lag of bringing back ALL the printers. The printers were something that made the server stand out from the rest and enticed people to play on it. I don't know much about lag since I don't own a server but this all seems logical to me. Please tell me if I made a mistake. The old printers were, Better Looking Quicker Didn't spawn an actual entity on the map Durable And Smaller
  2. Do People Like These "New" Printers? - They Blow Up Literally Every Time - Too Much Upgrade Cost - Too Fat - Hard To Take The Money Spawned Anyone miss the Old Printers? Yes, the ones with the black, diamond, pearl, emerald, sapphire, coal printers.? + Actually, Faster Speed + More Money + Small & Light + Highly Durable, Non Breaking + Easy To Take Money ----- Honestly, me and many other people don't really like these printers. I decided to make a poll, because honestly, I don't like basing as much, every since the "new" "updated" printers.