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Found 1 result

  1. Exposition It doesn't really ask who I am and my intro thread is ~soopr~ old so I'm going to go ahead and introduce myself to any of you who are not familiar with who I am. My name is Joshua and I am 14 years old. I attend a public Highschool and we are the "Pumas". I live in southern California, USA and have lived in So Cal all my life. I was born in San Diego, and lived there for about half a day because we were moving that day anyway. I then lived in Fresno for about 3 years and moved back to San Diego. I lived in Military Housing until 2009, which then I moved to my current town (more like 3 towns smashed into one another). I believe this is the longest my family has lived anywhere, at a total of (about) 6 years and we intend on staying. I suffer from ADD and a huge range of back, neck, and stomach issues which I inherited from my dad (THANKS DAD, GAWD) but it has never distracted me from one of my favorite past times (next to gaming, of course!), Baseball. I have been playing Baseball since I was about 4 or 5 years old and I was pretty good at it until I got a concussion a few years ago and then skipped a season. I am slowly regaining my skill but it's going to be tough. I am a huge console peasant but I would choose PC over my Xbox any day. I used to be the leader of a Call of Duty sniper/trickshotter team (don't laugh pls) called Team Chemikal which crashed and burned at 800+ subs. I am an average B-C student with an occasional F or A. I can be very argumentative sometimes, which I get from my mom, but I try to keep that away from the forums. But if it does seem like I'm being an ass at time, at least you kind of get an explanation. In-Game Name: Josh Sells Guns Steam Name: Josh Sells Guns Why Do You Want To Be A Forum Moderator: I would like to be a Forum Moderator to keep the peace on the forums, assist users when needed/necessary, and provide the best experience possible to all the members and viewers. How Long Have You Been On The Forums: 7 Months 21 Days What Are Your Goals Once Forum Moderator: To enforce the rules of the forums and prevent any form of disruption of the experience or anything/anyone that breaks the forums rules/agreements. How Are You Going To Accomplish These Goals: I am going to accomplish these goals by being active on the forums (being on everyday or almost everyday), checking on topics as soon as they appear, and knowing when/how a rule/term of service has been broken and how it is solved. Why We Should Choose You: I am on the forum almost everyday and I read (nearly) every topic. I have read the rules and Forum Moderator rules and understand them. I like to think that I am a generally friendly person and am well liked throughout the community, but it isn't really up to me. I guess I will see what everyone thinks after they post. Thank for reading, and I hope you enjoyed and will consider recruiting me to the Moderating Team. I know you guys would never know aside from me saying this but it took me forever to figure out what to say in the "why we should choose you" part. *Cue Sad Music* I guess I don't feel special to myself ;_; If you notice any spelling/grammar/just plain fact errors PLEASE let me know as soon as possible so that I may correct it. L8rs H8rs.