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Found 7 results

  1. So, Here it is. My Question and answer thread. Ask away. Most of you probably dun remember me. so yeah. Learn who I am here. or something idfk wolfie made me.' ASK ON NERDS!
  2. Greetings nerds. Incase any of you weird fuckers want to see me all the teim. Add me on snapchat zimspencer kthxfggtsbai Seriously doe. You aint getting dick pics so dont ask.
  3. So uh, Hiya Nerds. Not sure who remembers me. But uh. I have not been gone too long. Anyways. Im back. So uh see you ingame?
  4. Alright so I did this awhile ago, I might start doing these on the days I become quite bored. So go ahead ask as much as you want and whatever you want. GO! I will reply after my dinner to whatever has been posted thus far. <3
  5. This is a Q&A A Q&A where you can ask me any questions and I will do my best to answer them. ex: Whats you favorite game? Do you have a sibling? This was not my Idea, All credit to matt for the Idea. > Now go a head and ask random shit.
  6. In-Game Name: Spencer Zim Steam Name: Spencer Zim (original: thezimmerman151) Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator: I notice myself posting more and more on the forums and am really enjoying them I would like to be a moderator so I can work on them and help people with problems more out of game. How long have you been on the forums: Since Dec 1 2013 ( 3 months - and longer on the sever) What are your goals once forum moderator: To keep things in order keep people from spamming and breaking rules as well as helping people new to the forums or confused as to how they work. How are you going to accomplish these goals: Be and stay active check the forums out a few times a day at LEAST and check out new as well as old discussions! Why we should choose you: Why not? (Jokes) Because I am a friendly person who really enjoys helping others. I try to respond as fast as I can but also take enough time to make good decisions and not rush or be one sided in things like deputes. I hope you will consider my App to help out the forums as I do the server. Thanks, Spencer Zim
  7. Steam Name: Original- thezimmerman151 Current- Spencer Zim RP Name: Spencer Zim Age: 15 Time zone + Location: Eastern Standard l Canada, Ontario Hours Available Monday: 3:00pm - 10:00pm Tuesday: 3:00pm - 10:00pm Wednesday 3:00pm - 10:00pm Thursday: 3:00pm - 10:00pm Friday: 3:00pm - Late depending on the tired scale. Saturday: 10:00am - Late Sunday: 10: am - 10:00pm About me: I'm am a very friendly person who has spent many hours playing Gmod (829) and I have spent plenty of hours on the server and plan on playing for many many more! I have a good fun personality and many different players know who I am as well as admins! I seem to be liked on the server and get along well with other players. I would love to help the server even more! I also seem to join servers (for example the server I play TTT on) and by the time I need to leave everyone likes me and has had a good time! When I am not on the server, I am somewhat quiet, (so different the when i'm on the server) I like to hang out with friends family and play other games of course! I have a cute little puppy named Dexter and like to play with him as well! I plan on going through high school to university to become one of three jobs, Teacher, Social Worker, or a Coder/Game designer. But my current goal would be to make it through high school! Why would I be a good asset? : I like to play and I noticed the server has a imbalanced number of Admins to players and would like to help fix that I spend alot of time trying to help admins with out any kind of power by asking players what happened and whats wrong and trying to deal with it or i'll give them compensation to help. I also try to stop people breaking rules before calling admin and explaining what they are doing wrong. I find these help people not yell Admin as much and helps relive some stress i'm sure admins have, thus giving them more time to RP and have fun! I have experience on many servers as an admin such as Minecraft, Trouble in Terrorist Town, A different DarkRP (it was closed D: ) and some others! I think I would be a good helpful asset to the Staff team and hope that you think so as well ! I also take my time when in admin situations and will listen to both stories before making a decision and not just instantly deciding. Since I am admin on other server's - or have been (due to the other server's closing) I understand how you need to be calm, relaxed, fun, but also able to become serious. I also understand how stressful being an admin could be, but I feel i'm ready and would love to help take on a role for DarkRP Reloaded! I hope I can help out the community any way possible whether I continue to RP and help players have fun or help them learn new things like commands or rule! OR maybe become an admin and can help deal with the constant Admin calls I hope you consider me and have a wonderful day! ~Spencer