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Found 3 results

  1. So Indox has tried to kill me 10 times now. Each Time, I lose another Body Double. Clean up is getting Expensive. Indox you owe me 500K for all of the cleanup work -.- (This is susceptible to change as I'll probably lose another one soon.)
  2. Hello people of DarkRP Reloaded! So I am part of a Battlefield clan (3 + 4) and we have recently reopened recruitment. This clan is based on Xbox, but we are trying to expand our ranks to utilize PC and PlayStation Gamers as well. We are an RP clan, with a majority of our members being Ex Military, Ex Police, or Current serving members. We have a ranking system, Divisions and Regiments, and different jobs and occupations. If you wish to apply, then just fill out the quick application below, and I will let you know the dessiscion. However, if you play on Xbox 360 or Xbox One, send me a message, and I will pull you into a party for a live interview. (The live interview will be quicker than applying here) If you are accepted into the Clan, you will receive the rank of Private Recruit and then be enrolled into the CSAR (Combat Search and Rescue) Course, which, when passed, will grant you full entry into the Clan. Any questions, please post them below. Regards, Lieutenant Colonel Muser aka Camanderam (Xbox Gamertag) Counter Clan Taskforce - 75th Hell Jumper Regiment Application: Name: Age: IGN: Preferred System: A little about yourself: Why you want to Join CCT: What are some of your strengthens and weaknesses:
  3. In-Game Name: TheMuser Steam Name: dr_richtofen2 Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator: The reason I would like to become a Forum Moderator, is really quite simple. I would like to help the community in any and all ways possible. Since I am already an Admin on the Server, I would like to expand onto the Forums. I tend to spend around 18 hours a day on the forums, and I constantly watch forum posts for any issues, and if there are issues, I let either a Mod or Admin know. Recently, I have been having some Computer issues (aka my laptop freezing, crashing, ect) and if for whatever reason, my Gmod doesn't work, or if my laptop just dies completely, I would like to be able to help from my phone/ another computer. How long have you been on the forums: I have been on the Forums for Two Weeks What are your goals once forum moderator: My goals for Forum Moderator: To uphold the rules of the forum at all times, read all Topics and preform my duty as a Forum Mod when necessary, Never to break any rules of the Forum, and to listen to my Superiors at all times, unless they are asking for a Violation of the rules on my behalf. How are you going to accomplish these goals: I plan on accomplishing these goals by getting on the Forums every day as usual, and going from Topic to Topic looking for any Violations of Forum Rules and spam. Then assisting anyone in need of help, whether it be a member having troubles or a Superior is asking for assistance in any matter. Why we should choose you: There are several reasons that I think you should choose me as Forum Mod. I have had experience in several forms of an Administrative role, online in the gaming community, and offline in the real world. I have taught Martial Arts for 3 years, and I reached the Rank of Captain in the Civil Air Patrol, having command of 25 Others in my service. I am also currently an Admin on the server, so being able to help both on and off the server would benefit in the Handling Ban Appeals and Staff/Player Reports. I thank you for your time, and thank you for looking at my app. Feel free to leave any comments if you have any problems with me, I will try and Change it. Regards -TheMuser