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Found 73 results

  1. In-Game Name: Halomaster1st Steam Name: Halomaster1st Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator: Well, I have noticed that there are only 4 forum moderators now, and 2 of them are entirely inactive in the community, which means you only have two active moderators. I want to fix this, since you only have two active mods, then there is less people to actually manage the forums. How long have you been on the forums: Since last year I believe. What are your goals once forum moderator: I would like to make sure the proper format is being used when making a post I would like to help manage the forums and maintain it's upkeep Help people around the community Keep spammers away Do my job and do it well How are you going to acomplish these goals: I will strive to be on the forums as often as I can, and post as often as I can. Why we should choose you: I have been a member of DarkRP Reloaded and it's forums for a long time now. I know what the forums rules are, and I know what action needs to be taken if someone is violating these rules. I have really good grammar, I am very literate, and I love spending time on the forums. Side note: I have wanted to be a forum moderator for a while now, but I had never applied because there was always a sufficient number of moderators, but with all the recent retiring, the number has only been brought down to four, and I would love to help out on the forums.
  2. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING: I have been demoted a few times in the past for inactivity over very personal and a few medical reasons, but I've been playing for about a month and a half now now and I've been coming back into full activity. I've also been on late at nights where people only on then see me. Thank you for reading. I didn't put the parenthesis on the about me and why we should promote you section, as i see that as a side note/guide to what it means. if i need to put it let me know. Steam name: AgilKaskon Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16351533 RP name: AgilKaskon Age: 15 (16 on 9/20/1999) Time zone + Location: Vardaman, Mississippi. Central Time. Hours Available: For the remainder of summer - Whenever Im awake. For the school year - Whenever im home. About You: Not much to me to be said. My name is Zack and I live in Mississippi. I'm going to be a sophmore in high school soon, and It's quiet exciting if you ask me. I've been moving around a lot from state to state and I've finally settled down way out in the country which is odd for me, because I'm not used to it. I'm a huge fan of anime, manga, video games, normal things like that. Call me a weeaboo or otaku, it doesn't matter to me. I'm generally a cool headed person that doesn't really flame at anyone, and I don't really find points to heated arguments. You may have seen me around as the one and only Hatsune Miku from vocaloid. I got the append model on accident, I was hoping for a normal model but Append is all I could find that had all the features it does. When there are no admins on I usually try to handle whatever happens, and I've been doing so quiet well in my opinion. And, I may have been acting like an admin already before, and I apologize for that happening, and I'm mostly trying not to ever impersonate being an admin or trying to act as if I am, but if I ever do, then I apologize because trying to keep the server from chaos sometimes gets to my head. I've haven't decided on what I wish to do as a future career, but I believe I'm leaning somewhere into Law Enforcement as I am taking a vocational class next year called "Law & Public Safety". Why you would be an asset to our team: I've had the administrational experience already from being an admin before here in reloaded, but I have also gained additional experience when I became a teamspeak helper in another community called FFG (Arma 2 OA Island Life that turned into Arma 3 Altis Life.) I was relieved of my helper status when the server officially shut down due to me and one other person being on the server. I've also became more mature in my adventures of being away due to problems that i have encountered in life (reason why i left in the first place) but that problem is over with and I'm able to come back without having to spark another argument between me and someone else, which is something I don't want. I would like to believe I am a nice person to anyone who talks to me, and I enjoy seeing other happy and having fun. Side Note: I will add that the reason for me leaving in the first place is quiet personal and I don't know if I really wish to share anything, but if need be, PM me and I will let you know if you really want to know, but that problem is done and over with, and I am back ^^ Thank you for reading ~Agil (Zack)
  3. Steam name: LubedUpLumberjack (I have had many name changes but the three major ones that may ring a bell to you would be the name's I.C. Wiener, IceeWiener, Kaneki. These are old names I used on the server in 2014 and were used for long periods of time, I do have an old forum account and if you wish to see it, click here). Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:84365315 RP name: LubedUpLumberjack (Once again, the name's Kaneki, I.C. Wiener, IceeWiener may ring a bell). Age: 16, as of March 7 Time zone + Location: (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time, I currently reside in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. Hours Available: I have chosen to apply for admin before summer so I have a lot more hours to prove myself worthy of Admin on the server so I will be able to be on the server for at least 8 hours daily although, when school comes back in session in two months I will be limited to ~6 hours daily from 4:20pm (this is not a joke, my school bus arrives at my home at 4:20pm) to around 10pm but can go later if there are admins needed at the time. About You: My name is Jake Bannon and I am a 16 year old Canadian citizen even though both of my parents came from German descent. My hobbies are American Football, Video Games, Live streaming or making YouTube Videos (even though I get almost 0 viewers). Last year I tried out for the team Alberta (Alberta is a Canadian province for those who don't know) Border Bowl but sadly did not make it due to a concussion. I don't really struggle in school but I know I could get better marks if I applied myself to it more but for some reason I decide not to. Why you would be an asset to our team: I believe I would be an asset to the DarkRP Reloaded Admin team because I am an old player who knows the community and knows the rules quite fluently. I am a mature and goofy player. I know when it's time to cut down and get serious or let loose and have fun. There's not much I can really say other than yes, I think I would be a great asset to the team and I can always come to calls when needed our if anyone needs help or asks a question, I'll strive to get to him as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my application. I will keep any suggestions in mind and will try my hardest to be the most dedicated person on the server Please Consider, Jake
  4. Steam Name: Halomaster1st SteamID: STEAM_0:0:69053334 RP Name: Halomaster1st Age: 15 ( Turning 16 in a few months ) Time Zone + Location: Franklin, Tennessee. UTC/GMT -6 hours (Central Standard Time) Hours Available: Weekdays ( 3:00 PM - 10:00 PM ) Weekends ( A long time ) EDIT: I am getting up a lot earlier so I am on when a lot of admins are not on. About Me: Since this is my second time around, I have decided to make my app bigger. It seems like there is no downside to having a big app. I have been play DarkRP Reloaded for about 4-5 months now. I know the rules and I even correct admins sometimes. I have donated to the server, as you can see, and I have tried to become WAY more active in the community itself. A lot of people know me, but some people still don't. On the server I have only been warned once, for completing a hit in spawn, but this was when I didn't really know the rules that well, but now I do. I am a programmer, I love programming. It is my goal to become an engineer. I own a murder server called Halomaster Gaming, which I custom programmed. PenguinRuler13 and ShadeDarkBlade are admins on my server, its just beginning to take off, but it is going really well. TheMightyTaco is now the Co-Owner of my server. I love 80's music. When I am a DJ master, it's the only thing I will play. My favorite songs are Take On Me by a-ha, and Africa by Toto. I know my way around with ULX and Awarn. I am also very good at helping the new players get to know the rules and how to play. I also help out in OOC a lot. I have become WAY more active on the forums and in TeamSpeak. My favorite games are Gmod and Halo:Reach. I haven't actually played Halo in a while, I should probably do that sometime Why would I be an asset to the team: Well, as stated earlier, I own a Murder server, which means I know all about ULX and Awarn. I am a mature and responsible person. I have experience with handling difficult situations, and I know how to deal with little kids I can't even understand. I know the rules, and I even correct admins sometimes when they get confused with the rules ( Because there are a lot ). I am very good with people, and if you don't know me, then get to know me, because I think you might like me. I always follow the rules, even when there are no admins on ( Which is actually quite often when I'm on ). I am always a good judge, I always look at both sides of a story, and then check the facts. I know when someone is trying to deceive me in game, and I don't appreciate it. I am still trying to become well known in the community, and I am always trying to be a better player and help the community. I can do that a lot better if I was an admin. So please consider me, before giving me a -1 for my age, if you get to know me you will find I am mature and fit for the position. Imperfections/Flaws: 1. I always tend to screw up the map, but a lot of admins do that, so I think it's okay. 2. I sometimes make mistakes, but then again, everyone does. 3. I am not too well known with the community, but I am trying. 4. I'm illiterate sometimes too. Please consider me for this position, I know that I do not meet the age requirement, but just know that I am mature and fit for the job, and I am only a few months off from the age requirement too. If you do deny me again, please leave a reason why instead of just saying Denied. Thank you for taking the time to read my application.
  5. Steam name: LEO Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:86391469 RP name: LEO Age: I am 16 years of age Time zone + Location:I live in canada and my time zone Is eastern Hours Available: I would be availible till 4 Pm to like 12 am (weekdays) and on weekends I would be availible till 10 Am to 2 Am, times may vary About You: Hello there, My name is Sebastian and I love to play Garrys Mod I have about 1133hours on garrys mod and I love to play other games to, One quality I have is I love to help people, I am a Xbox embassador so i am helping people trouble shoot all day. I love computers and I am a coder in C++ and I am learning HTML I love to spend my spare time making stuff out of that code to me it is very fun. Also a cool thing is, i am a black belt in karate and and because of that I no how to listen good to others and I no how to handle suff when I am in a tuff situation. I have been an admin on many other servers that I will not list because of advertisment reasons. I love to learn and I am a straight A student, I am also in a biking league and I love to ride my bike. One thing that I hate is that I live in Canada! It is always so chilly down here, and that is why some people call in the great white north. (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc) My goals in life is to be the nicest and the best of guy I can be, I always try to help people and to be nice to people. I am hoping to be a computer Scientist and I will not give up until I get it, that is really what I want to be. I am in to plance and aviation, I have some flight stimulators that help me get a better understanding on how the plane works. I one day want to work for Microsoft or steam, I am already a Xbox exmbassodor, basically what that is, is I help xbox users that need help and trouble shoot there problems. Why you would be an asset to our team: I would be an asset to the DarkRPReloaded staff team because I have been playing on this server since I got garrys mod, and now I have 1133 hours on garrys mod and 70% of that time in on DarkRPReloaded, I would like to call my self a veterain player. Because of this I got to know all of the rules of Reloaded and how thing and the enviorment works, I know the rights and I no the wrongs, I know when a player has broken a rule and even now I try to call them out on it, and when they do I call an admin. Also I am very inspired by some of the admins that I see and that are very good, and I would like to be like them, I was admin on many other servers and I no what the rules are and what you can and cant do. I am very active like very, Reloaded is the only server i go on to play DarkRP, So i know the rules. I am mostly on right in the morning and try to help out with people that need help. I am very straight forward and I no when to be seriuos, There is always a time for play and there is always room for serious work. I am very straigt to the point andm I know how to handle things. I am a very active player on the server and I know how to handle the enviorment on it. Thank you for reading my staff aplication. Please feel free to leave your comment on what you think of me. <3 thanks -LEO
  6. Steam name: IDefinitlyGoHam Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:65478411 RP name: IDefinitlyGoHam Age: 16 Time zone + Location: Eastern Standard Time; West Virginia Hours Available: (Weekends: 6:00 AM - 10:30 PM) (Weekdays: 3:30 PM - 9:30 PM) [EDIT: now that school has started I've been going to sleep earlier and getting up a lot earlier on the weekends, 6:00 AM instead of 6:45 AM] About You: I have thought long and hard about applying for admin, and I have made my decision after a few weeks of consideration that I am now ready, here it is. I am IDefinitlyGoHam, but you can just call me Ham or Definitely, whatever you prefer. My name that I was born with is Austin. My only real hobby is playing video games, I play video games 90% of the time that I am awake and not at school, but I do play basketball occasionally. I know that I have broken rules a couple times in the past but I decided to take an unforced 2 month break from mid November to mid early December to calm down and to get my act together so I don't break the rules anymore. My personal goals are to help out the server and community, make good grades in school, get a good job after school, and most importantly enjoy life, have fun, and help others. Why you would be an asset to our team: - I am available at times when most other admins are not. Example: I play a lot in the early mornings when there are about 15-20 people in the server. Usually there is no staff online for about 2 hours (~ 6:45 AM - 8:45 AM). Since I get on at those times I could fill that gap of no staff online and help admin at those times. - I know the rules very well because I've played on the server for a long time and because I read the MOTD at least once a week to stay up to date with the rules. - I have previous experience being staff on other servers. I used to be an admin on a different DarkRP server for about a month then was promoted to admin+, but then I retired about 5 weeks after that because the server was shutting down. It shut down about 6 months ago. I was also a moderator on a TTT server for about 2 months but retired because that server was taking some wrong turns, it shut down 3 weeks after that because of it. That was about 3 months ago. - I try my best to be a kind person but I am never biased towards one side on the other. Example: If my best friend mass rdmed I would still ban him/her. - I do my best to follow and enforce the rules. - If I was to get admin I would admin probably about 70% of the time because I've gotten a bit bored of RPing here lately but I do still enjoy it. - I've been getting more active and involved on the Forums and the Team speak lately. - I've been a VIP+/ Premium for a very long time and have helped control the chaos that the server goes into sometimes when there are no admins online. - I want to help out the community and the server as much as I possibly can. Extra: I hope you have enjoyed reading and will leave your honest opinion in the replies. Peace.
  7. Steam Name: Original- thezimmerman151 Current- Spencer Zim RP Name: Spencer Zim Age: 15 Time zone + Location: Eastern Standard l Canada, Ontario Hours Available: Almost everyday weekday after 3:00 and almost all day most/every weekend. About me: I'm am a very friendly person who has spent many hours playing Gmod (582) and I have spent plenty of hours on the server and plan on playing for many more! I have a good fun personality and many different players know who I am as well as admins! I seem to be liked on the server and would love to help the server even more! Why would I be a good asset? : I like to play and I noticed the server has a inbalenced number of Admins to players and would like to help fix that I spend alot of time trying to help admins with out any kind of power by asking players what happened and whats wrong and trying to deal with it or i'll give them compensation to help. I find these help people not yell Admin as much and helps relive some stress im sure admins have, thus giving them more time to RP and have fun! I hope I can help out the community any way possible whether I continue to RP and help players have fun or help them learn new things like commands or rule! OR maybe become an admin and can help deal with the constant Admin calls I hope you consider me and have a wonderful day! ~Spencer
  8. Steam name:❤ Donny ❤ Steam ID: donfremas RP name: Donny Age: 21 Time zone + Location: EST, Connecticut Hours Available: Usually either During the Day or Night hours. It is all dependent upon my work and college classes. I am usually free all day Wednesday and Thursdays also. About You: I have played Steam games for a long time now. Ever since I was 12. I used to run communities and staff in many communities. I am working towards being a Manager of some sort of Tech company and I like working with people. I am extremely unbiased when it comes to dealing with situations and I tend to include those around me when it comes to making decisions so that my choice alone is not the deciding factor. I am a believer that the more opinions you have the better the result is and the more accurate the result or solution is too. I have built computers, I have been a long time gamer, and I enjoy business and managing people. Why you would be an asset to our team: I am an asset to your team because I have almost 10 years of handling and managing communities. Ever since I was 12 I managed servers with gamemodes like Cider RP, Pulsar Effect, and much more. I prefer environments like PERP or such but I have grown to like DarkRP servers more such like this one. I have spent quite some time in the server but I would feel I would do a better job administrating on the server and managing people rather than playing the game itself. This is mainly because my background is full of management and running servers for a long period of time. I used to own a Community called Quantum Impulse Gaming (QIG) and I used to run a community called Imperial Community(IC). I used to work with the creator of PERP and such as an admin on his servers. If you want a full list of my history and when and what I've been involved in concerning Gmod let me know! I can give you all the details I just wanted to keep this short and sweet and to the point. I feel would be a huge part of your team and would help in the management and future of the community. I hope I will gain the chance to prove this to you. Thanks again!
  9. steam name:[iDS]Lunar_Eclipse (originally RagingFragger) steam ID:STEAM_0:1:65648609 RP Name:[iDS]Lunar_Eclipse time played: i dont know but i am a donor Age:16 just turned a bit ago Timezone:mountain time zone Location:Tuscon Arizona (more specifics will be given to friends sorry weird people) Hours Available:i am (most of the time depends on how much homework i have) am available from 5pm to 9pm on weekdays and on weekends almost most of the day About Me:My real name is Jeremy Rhein i live in Tuscon or as i refer to it "The Really F'ing Hot Retirement City" i play paintball , i like to go every weekend when possible and i believe i am very good at it (as i have been told that , a lot) i am very into weapon crafting and have made a few (a lot) of weapons that i personally spar with, i am at my best almost unstoppable with my quarter staff. i have been playing video games since i was 5 i played a game called WarRock only to have Nexon ruin it 5 years later by buying it off GamersFirst i go to UHS in Tuscon which I am proud to say is the 7th best high school in the US right now i plan on joining the marines when i turn 21 then once (if) i get out I will study quantum engineering and attempt to bend the laws of reality to my whim XD just kidding but i do want to become a quantum engineer after i get out of the marines. i have many traits within me i at times can be a bit derpy or grumpy but every one gets that way sometimes.right? well i am most of the time kind (at least i think so) i do not like to pick favorites and i do not like to see others picked on for any reason, ever i know its not fun. in fact the only reason im not picked on now is i had a growth spurt and im now bigger than most people of my grade so no more looking down upon me. i am straight to the point i don't like to beat around the bush i don't, and i don't like to make things take longer than they should. i love the color blue and the night (not goth) and i have many liking's some of which others don't approve like me being a brony (meh i cant bring myself to give half a shit about what people say about it in total so). i also am not fully mentally stable ( no im not going to go out murdering people ) and i can give you a definition of my life but in total i am a dull person... oh and i like music too. Why i would be an asset:I would like to think of my self to be an asset in the areas of the fact that i do not like to pick favorites so i will not do so. i am very cool under pressure it takes a lot for me to break and by a lot i mean the last time i broke was when i saw a little kid ( around 7 years old or so) getting hit by a teenager, did not end well for him and i still feel bad about how i could have stopped her from getting hurt worse than she was. i do not want to leave an admin in a rule breaking peek to solo it out by himself (or herself you know ,gender equality!!) i will respect every one until they give me a valid reason not to respect them. and if i must i will do anything to help the server even perma ban some one close to me such as a brother(don't got one but you know what i mean) , sister, even my best friend anyone if needed. i am good with ulx (its simple) and i like to think myself smart (with smartness!!!) so i am able to think things out accordingly without taking forever and a day to do so. cons. -if you manage to get me mad im sorry for whatever i say but also congrats on doing something to get me mad -i can be derpy some times and/or random -home work is not always that easy so my schedule will not always be spot on -not forum active AT ALL a bit too confusing in my opinion
  10. Exposition It doesn't really ask who I am and my intro thread is ~soopr~ old so I'm going to go ahead and introduce myself to any of you who are not familiar with who I am. My name is Joshua and I am 14 years old. I attend a public Highschool and we are the "Pumas". I live in southern California, USA and have lived in So Cal all my life. I was born in San Diego, and lived there for about half a day because we were moving that day anyway. I then lived in Fresno for about 3 years and moved back to San Diego. I lived in Military Housing until 2009, which then I moved to my current town (more like 3 towns smashed into one another). I believe this is the longest my family has lived anywhere, at a total of (about) 6 years and we intend on staying. I suffer from ADD and a huge range of back, neck, and stomach issues which I inherited from my dad (THANKS DAD, GAWD) but it has never distracted me from one of my favorite past times (next to gaming, of course!), Baseball. I have been playing Baseball since I was about 4 or 5 years old and I was pretty good at it until I got a concussion a few years ago and then skipped a season. I am slowly regaining my skill but it's going to be tough. I am a huge console peasant but I would choose PC over my Xbox any day. I used to be the leader of a Call of Duty sniper/trickshotter team (don't laugh pls) called Team Chemikal which crashed and burned at 800+ subs. I am an average B-C student with an occasional F or A. I can be very argumentative sometimes, which I get from my mom, but I try to keep that away from the forums. But if it does seem like I'm being an ass at time, at least you kind of get an explanation. In-Game Name: Josh Sells Guns Steam Name: Josh Sells Guns Why Do You Want To Be A Forum Moderator: I would like to be a Forum Moderator to keep the peace on the forums, assist users when needed/necessary, and provide the best experience possible to all the members and viewers. How Long Have You Been On The Forums: 7 Months 21 Days What Are Your Goals Once Forum Moderator: To enforce the rules of the forums and prevent any form of disruption of the experience or anything/anyone that breaks the forums rules/agreements. How Are You Going To Accomplish These Goals: I am going to accomplish these goals by being active on the forums (being on everyday or almost everyday), checking on topics as soon as they appear, and knowing when/how a rule/term of service has been broken and how it is solved. Why We Should Choose You: I am on the forum almost everyday and I read (nearly) every topic. I have read the rules and Forum Moderator rules and understand them. I like to think that I am a generally friendly person and am well liked throughout the community, but it isn't really up to me. I guess I will see what everyone thinks after they post. Thank for reading, and I hope you enjoyed and will consider recruiting me to the Moderating Team. I know you guys would never know aside from me saying this but it took me forever to figure out what to say in the "why we should choose you" part. *Cue Sad Music* I guess I don't feel special to myself ;_; If you notice any spelling/grammar/just plain fact errors PLEASE let me know as soon as possible so that I may correct it. L8rs H8rs.
  11. Steam name: MadManScribles Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:50646193 RP name: MadManScribles Age:14 Time zone + Location:Est , New Jersey Hours Available: 3 pm to 12 am every day......OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! weekends will be from 12 pm to 12 am About You:I am MadManScribels, as my name suggest I'm the craziest fat man this side of THE WORLD! I am a Amateur Programmer and Video Game lover (hence my no life)I also have gotten into Paintball and Arisoft which has been a blast! Personal goals are to be a Professional programmer and a Stand Up Comedian! One of My Personal Goals is to be an Administrator on Dark RP Reloaded, I also wish to have a great time doing so. (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc) Why you would be an asset to our team:Well I have more than 600 Hours or so in the server, I enjoy the server and generally wish to sustain its quality TO THE END OF TIME ITSELF! I promise as the next admin to do what all great admins before me have done, be Awesome to be Awesome and teach the rest to be Awesome to. When it comes to most things I usually take a emotional and comedic response , but in serious situations i am a logic oriented machine, I can weed out the trolls and toxic players easily. My goal is to ultimately brighten up the Dark RP Reloaded Community since it has had such a positive impact in my life, I know that I don't act it but I have been in some pretty dark places emotional and you peps have saved my life more than once!!! So i wish to repay you all. 1. I HAVE MORALITY, SO NO CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT, BUT OH BABY YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!! (aka no abuse) 2.I have general knowledge of all class descriptions and rules, I maintain this By reading the motd every time i join. 3.I will be on all night long so don't think my time zone is a concern 4.I have been on the server so long , and i have VIP Plus , so I'm covered in the trust department , i also have befriended many people and have some awesome relationships with some awesome people! 5.I am constantly looking for things to do with people so if I see an admin call that is the first thing I'm doing!! (actually I just want to interact with another human , FOREVER ALONE, either way I'm on the case!) 6. Behind all this foolishness I can be very serious and mature, when a call comes in I will respond to the situation in a appropriate and calm manner......(but that's no fun when I'm Rping so I generally find my inner six year old and act like a MadMan then ;D) 7. My most defining personality trait is my crazy personality and COMEDY!! I'm invaluable because I can lighten up the mood when people are down in the dumps, my jokes are so lame your bound to at least crack a smile when my audience screams "BOOOOOOO!" 8.I am invaluable because I am also online longer than most admins and players so I have more time I can devote to Admin Calls and Quality Control! Thank you for reading this Passion and Comedy driven post! (Promote yourself, tell us why you are invaluable, what makes you better than the rest)
  12. Steam name: immense Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:42592772 RP name: immense Age: 15 Time zone + Location: EDT/Eastern Time Zone Georgia, USA Hours Available: From 3 PM to 10 PM on weekdays and random hours on weekends. Please excuse any grammar and spelling mistakes as my English is not perfect. About You: I will attempt to make this application not too personal and more informative on necessary information. My name is Mike Shi, you most likely assumed that I am Asian and you are completely correct. To be specific, I am Chinese and I was born and raised in China until I was at the age of eight. Actually, forget the fact that I stated that I will keep this not too personal since discussing about your personal life seems more entertaining than anything else I can think of at the moment. I’ve relocated a lot during my life span and to be honest, it can be very vexing at times because I like to keep my friends to quality, not quantity; not to mention the fact that you’ll have to carry all of your belongings to your new home. The first relocation I can remember was the best and will probably always be in the number one spot, and that relocation was from China to America. I’ve lived here long enough to call this my primary home because I’ve had experienced most of my precious memories here. The second relocation was a short trip but it deeply impacted my life. I moved from a small town in Georgia all the way to the capital and I ended up living in a basement for approximately three years because of my mother’s employment issues. After that, I moved to South Carolina and back to Georgia, but those stories can wait until another time as they would probably bore you. There are three types people on the internet, those who like anime, those who dislike anime, and the ones that are in between those first two types of people. I used to be a type of person that strongly encourage you to watch anime, but later on I figured out that not everybody enjoys it, and I’m completely fine with that. Based on the previous two sentences, you probably assumed that I enjoy watching anime and that is completely true. I’ve been watching anime since I was little and I believe that I am qualified to become a level 100 otaku and share my otaku euphoria with you all. Jokes aside, I just really enjoy watching anime and heck, you can most likely get to know me better once you start to discuss about any anime topic with me. As for my other hobby, it is the most obvious one because it is most likely your hobby as well. Gaming, I love competitions between players and I enjoy the full experience of playing the game with you. There’s no point of just simply winning a game, it will definitely feel empty inside of you if the game simply just ended with a win towards your end. I believe that the experience of playing a game is the important part, the outcome is just a result based on your performance, but joy of actually gaming can easily overcome the feeling of losing or even winning. When I grow up, I want to make a living off of the things I enjoy doing, that way I won’t have to work a single day in my life. Now, I’m not saying that I’m not working, but I’m saying that I want to love my work, thus making it something I enjoy doing so it wouldn't be work. But you have to think about the fact that everybody want to make a living off of the things they love doing instead of the one they hate. While I have no idea what I can do to make a living off of and enjoy it at the same time, my current goal is to find the what I love doing and also make a little cash off of it; it doesn’t matter if it well paid or not, as long as I embrace the fact that I love doing it. Why you would be an asset to our team: I love this server and I am willing to sacrifice a lot of things to support the server. An admin has to be assertive with their players, and I believe I am well fit for that position as I know most if not all of the rules. I am active on the server and interactive with the community and I will not be biased in sits, whether if it is an active player that has never broken any rules or just a trouble maker. I am constantly on TeamSpeak; if you need to speak with me you can always join me on there or just simply message me on the forums. I will respect all the members of the DarkRP Reloaded community whether they’re new or old and partake in any admin needed situations. If I have ever disrespected you in any way, shape, or form, it is most likely because I am joking around and I knew that you were a close enough friend to understand the fact that I was merely joking. Please take any type arguments to PMs.
  13. Steam name: xrockstarkiller Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:49554316 RP name: Mr.RushToDie Age: 15, 16 in February Time zone + Location: Newfoundland Canada Hours Available: 12 About Me: I'm a guy who really likes to game..... it's one of the things i spend most of my time doing. I also like Bmxing. My life goal is to be a pilot...... I just really like the idea of flying. Why I would be an asset to your team: I think I would be a good asset to your team because i know all the rules which makes me able to handle myself in an admin situation. I know a lot of people that play on the server. I really like helping people out on the server. I have never been banned from this server. I'm VIP+ therefore i'm dedicated to this server. I always play by the rules, I have also read the MOTD multiple times. I have been playing on this server for a while now and i feel it's time to apply for admin. <3
  14. This one will probably get declined but we might as well try, right <3? Here goes nothing Steam Name: Agil Kaskon /// people call me Kaskie as a nickname :3 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:16351533 RP Name: Agil Kaskon Age: 14 (Im old) Time zone + Location: CST / Vardamin, Mississippi (moved recently ) Hours Available : Once school starts. 3pm to 8pm. Weekends I can be on whenever I needed. Usually I'll be on all day Saturday and Sunday if possible. Friday and Saturday probably LATE night. ♥ About you: Hello . I usually am very quiet person. It'll be a little hard to explain myself. I guess you could call me emo (not really but kind of). I like all the dark colors and black mainly just looks like shadows to me. I'm a HUGE Anime Lover. (SO EXCITED FOR SAO SEASON 2 <3 GGO <3). An otaku I guess you could call me. Im pretty much the average kid. I don't like to call myself "mature" because I feel like I'd be acting cocky. Im starting High School this year and I'm excited yet not excited. (High school never ends. right?). There's not much to really know about me ^^. I'm not quite sure what to pursue as a career yet, I'm open to suggestions about career paths. I've been on the server for quite awhile and I think I might be able to have a shot ^~^ ♥ I also got my teamspeak working again about 3 or 4 days ago so I'll be active on TS from now on and I've been in deep with the community.. I still don't know who GrimTheReaper is ;~;. ((Side Note: I apologize in advance if this is too long or too short ;-; ) Why you would be an asset to our team: I guessing this is when to I get to be cocky and no one be mad at me ;-; (please dont hate me). I like to think im mature but I never call myself that (About me). I've been witnessing admin sits and even attending one to watch how one admin went through it. I think I have the better judgement to listen to how both sides go and to make a reasonable decision based on evidence given/shown. I would say I am a decently fair person overall. I never like to cheat anyone no matter who they are. If you're my mortal enemy and you're in the right, I will admit when I am wrong a lot. I read the motd constantly and I believe I know the rules mostly. If I forget I would just look real quick as a refresher. I've been helping a lot of people and I believe I have the skills/maturity/ and patience To take up a position if accepted. I think I would be a great asset to the team and a wonderful person to know. I love everyone here in this community and I will go through thick and thin (No this is not a wedding. Or is it? ;3 marry me DarkRPReloaded <3 ♥) To keep this community running not just as a group of friends playing together but as a whole and a family. I can also twist my hours of when to be on duty a lot. I'll be on whenever I'm needed and there may be times that I'll just get on and be there sometimes (Only if that's ok! D: ). Just a side note too Im also a very friendly person to get to know~ Contact me on teamspeak if you don't know me! You're missing out! ♥♥ I want to thank everyone for reading this c: I know I will probably get declined but I definately will try my best to work out any problems and I'm really looking forward to the feedback ^~^ ♥ and I know I act girly sometimes. Like I said Im a friendly person c: also, I know im not 16 and it says to be atleast 16 for admin but I thought I might as well give it a really good shot Sorry if this application is too long and thank you for reading it <3 ♥ Nyah~
  15. Steam name: Nightmare Steam ID: RP name: Nightmare Age: 18 Time zone + Location: Central- Metropolis, IL Hours Available: Anytime honestly. About You: I am a 18 year old, who is very active. I am trustworthy and honest. I am very mature, and can be silly when needed. I like when a server runs smoothly with people ACTUALLY doing whats needed to have a good RP time. Anything else is pretty bland but im pretty funny and i like dubstep. Why you would be an asset to our team: I am a very active player. I can get vouches form people if absolutely needed. I have realized the lack of admins at certain points and with me on it would help alot. As i am fair and am a very dedicated player. I cannot play from 3-6 (Central) as i work. But i am on 90% of the other time. I have experience as a mod in multiple servers and owner of one that i no longer own. I know all the commands if needed. Also, i enforce rules rather than disobey them as i have seen multiple admins do from time to time. Enough said i would be very helpful.
  16. Steam Name: IceeWiener Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:84365315 RP name: IceeWiener (The reason behind my name is that "IceeWiener" is a reference from a show known as "Futurama" that I used to watch and in the first episode, that name appears on a Pizza Box) Age: 15 Time zone + Location: Mountain Daylight Time (UTC/GMT -06:00) Hours Available: I would have to say until school starts for me (September 2, 2014) I could be available any other time with an exception of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 6p.m- 7p.m for football practices. I'm also available through other sources (Skype, Cell, etc) which can easily get me on the game and ready to go. About You: Well, my life is pretty boring being my addiction to Video Games and Sports. But here goes. My name is Jake (My real name is Jacob but I'm not that big of a fan of it), I was born on March 7th 1999 in the Victoria, British Colombia Hospital. And, ever since I was little (5 or 6 years old) I have always loved video games. Slyfox being my favorite at the time even though I was always stuck on the first level. When I hit maybe around 9 or 10 years old my parents broke up (they were never married, yes- I was a bastard. I hate saying that word but it's the truth) and I split with my hard-working Mother that would always support me and work while I just played Video Games. I also forgot to mention, I did a lot of Martial Arts because at the time I was bullied. I did it for four years and quit because of my addiction to Call of Duty at the time. After the pattern of me playing video games, video games, sleep I knew I always wanted to play football and I finally had the chance when my Gym Teacher gave me a sheet after kicking everyone's ass (not meaning to brag ) in wrestling for American Football. This is now my 2nd year and I plan on getting even better to one day get into a college for it and get into the CFL. Why you would be an asset to our team: - I understand what I am applying for, I know it's hard for some to trust but I know if I make players angry with my position they may quit and I could ruin this beloved server. - I achieve what I aim for, "I believe in opportunity, and the reason to seize upon it." - Spartacus (Had to fit in my favorite quote somewhere here) - I can be a fun person to be around most of the time and can still pursue my duties as an Administrator at the same time. - I am very active on the server and continue doing do (I have almost surpassed the 200 hour milestone on Reloaded in the last 2 weeks). - I know the wrong's and right's of Reloaded extremely well. - I do not jump to conclusions unless it is necessary. If I have to, I will & am not afraid to ask assistance from other Admins. I thank you for taking your time to read my Admin application and truly hope you consider me as being a part of the Reloaded staff team. Best Regards, Jake (IceeWiener)
  17. Steam name: GamingRoyality Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:73008908 Steam Profile: RP name: Dumb Guy Years of experience: About 2 in a half Age: 14 in a half Time zone + Location: (GMT - 8:00 hours) Pacific Time (US & Canada) Hours Available: 1- 4 Hours About You: I am very good with editing, building and bike racing. Also my name is Kevin Drew. (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc) Why you would be an asset to our team: So I can show love to the server (Promote yourself, tell us why you are invaluable, what makes you better than the rest) Ok i'm not trying to prove myself and show off I just want to show some love to this server. There has been many times I been bad and had got in trouble but everyday I learn a lesson A lesson to help me grow over the years and maybe be better. So being banned, kicked and other bad things but sometimes we all did bad things. All that matters is that if you love the place, thing, person it doesn't matter if you just show love. I don't care if I get banned, kicked killed, raided theres one thing I love about this server and its fun. Also I am sorry for doing thing that I had should not done and all of that stuff this is my Apology to everyone that had problems with me, fought with me and in the present time and in the past. Agian sorry for all my misbehaves and other things that I did. I am so sorry for all I did and this may be touching to you maybe not. All it matter if you accept this apology and my Request For The Staff Application but mostly my apology. Thank you for taking your time reading this and Good gaming to you all thanks!!! If I missed any questions that I did not fill please notify me and my apologys.
  18. Steam name : JohnnyP763 Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:59678400 RP name: Johnny Jackson Age: 16 Time zone + Location : Eastern Standard l United States, Michigan Hours Available: Time varies I usually get up around 9 AM and go to bed around 2 AM (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc) I am Johnny Pick, I attend high school in a small town near Lansing, Michigan. I am going into my junior year and will be starting on the varsity basketball team. I enjoy playing basketball, baseball. and football; However i find watching them to be a bit boring.I'm typically a good student but had some hardships last year.I plan to get some better grades next year and hope to continue to excel in basketball. I'm about 6'4" now and everyone loves to watch people dunk. I am in a relationship with a girl named Morgan. We have been together for almost 6 months and i hope for that to continue for a long time. I spend a lot of time on the court and with my girlfriend but when I'm free I'm playing either League of Legends, or Gary's Mod. I don't work during the summer so I'm available almost all day. I'm not very close to my family so I'm always happy to meet new people online and converse. One of my best friends of all time is a vet admin on your server, his name is Spencer Zim. I've known Spencer for almost 2 years now. We met through a public Minecraft server and have been gaming together ever seance. We have met in real life once which was pretty cool considering he lives in Canada and I live in Michigan nearly 8-10 hours away. Why you would be an asset to our team: I think i would be a good asset to the DarkRP Reloaded staff team because: - I am available nearly all day currently and am on the server a lot. - I am familiar with the server rules - I am unbiased and will try to find a way to solve every admin sit in the fairest way possible - I am familiar with ULX commands and already have several commands key binded - I have been an admin before on other servers - I am going to donate for VIP+ next time i get a prepaid card, even if i am already an admin - I am active on the teamspeak - I am friends with some of the existing staff members - I witness a lot of rule breaking an genuinely would like to help solve this issue - I do my best not to break server rules and if i do i make sure not to do it again. - I really enjoy the server and want to make it more enjoyable for others - I will be the best admin ever i swear P.S. IF YOU ARE READING THIS I LOVE YOU, please post your honest opinion of me and my app below, thank you for your time.
  19. Steam name : JohnnyP763 Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:59678400 RP name: Johnny Jackson Age: 16 Time zone + Location : Eastern Standard l United States, Michigan Hours Available: 9 AM- 1 AM pretty much 16 hours a day pretty much the same times as Spencer Zim accept i get up a bit earlier About You: I have been playing on the Gmod server for nearly a year it is the highest Quality one i have found and have most of my Gary's Mod hours are on this server. I play basketball and i play League Of Legends i am very friendly and happy to meet new people. I try to be unbiased when conflict arises and solve the problem in the best manner possible. I am on the varsity basketball team and hope to play ball in college. (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc) Why you would be an asset to our team: I'm close friends with Spencer zim who is a vet admin i have been playing on the server for almost all of my hours on gmod I'm an admin on 2 TTT servers i know how to use basic commands and I'm available during the dreaded dead zone 11PM-3AM when no admins are on and things get crazy on the server. I have screenshot evidence of the server in complete chaos without any admins on and i have been doing my best to help clean it up. I Know how to use commands in the ulx menu, and am familiar with server rules. There has been so many times that i have come on the server and witnessed rules being broken left and right and sat there unable to do anything but call an admin which never ends up coming because there are so many calls and so few admins on during the time that i play. Many times i have left the server disappointed after being rdmed several times in a row. I would like to help clean up these times when noone is there and make life easier. Maybe spencer will stop complaining about so many admin sits if he has me to help him haha I promise i have a lot more to say but i can't type it all and im much better with talking than writing. I am available on steam anytime and will be on the TS if you wish to contact me and find out more.
  20. Steam name: ApocalyptiK Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:52673227 RP name: General McMuffin Age: 17 Time zone + Location: UTC+03:00 Kuwait Hours Available: [ 06:00am to 12:00am mostly ] [sometimes from 06:00pm to 12:00pm] About You: Well, I'm a Senior in High School aiming on studying engineering in college. I have two brothers and they annoy the hell out of me. my father doesn't stay at home alot. which makes me happier lol. you don't know my father believe me. anyway my mother stays at home and she supports me and my brothers. I never jump into conclusions without a good reason to do so. I prefer hearing people's problems from myself in order to resolve them. I go by the saying "Everyone deserves A second chance" because sometimes people don't know what thery're doing exactly so a warning is advised. Why you would be an asset to our team: Well, to be honest most admins on the server work hard, just I think they reached their limits and they're tired of joining and immediately being called over and therefore I think that you'll need to recruit more admins in order to maintain peace inside of the server. And I have been an admin for a year on 2 different servers and a Co-owner on another server. And all of those servers i've been the best admin there for being the fastest on replying on users who need help in whichever its form is. And being the best understanding admin on the server. As I said I do not like jumping into conclusions without a good reason to do so. So after that is said I do think that I will make people love the server more then they already do and will make them believe in the admins judgment and punishment. Therefore I think I will be a good Admin!
  21. SN: Proosky IRL: Andrew RPName? Proosky (I change RP names occasionally to fit the job im playing.) Age? 19 Timezone? EST & CST: I am currently on summer break from Mississippi State University so i'm back in Georgia, but during the school year I live in Mississippi hence the two time zones. Availability? All day, everyday. Wanna know about me? I'm a sophomore in college, I have already amounted enough debt to make me cry everynight and I spend my freetime with my girlfriend or playing video games. My major is Software Engineeriing, it's pretty boring. Im a pretty cool dude, if you have talked to me you know this. And all in all, the people here seem to like me, and i've been around a very long time now so i've seen plenty come and go and I still seem to find a place here on the server. Why do you need me? I would be a great asset to the team because im calm, cool, and collected but I also know when times call for me to be serious, and I can be extremely serious when I have to be. I feel another great reason for me to be a server administrator is because I feel like I can fit into the current selection of server admins and really benefit how things are handled and done. Im great at looking at multiple perspectives and selecting the correct course of action. (I hope I dont sound to nerdy, i'm just trying to stay formal.) People say i'm extremely easy to get along with, and everyone's always laughing when im around. All in all I feel like I would be a great addition to the team and I feel like I could fit into the niche of being an admin here. Thanks for reading my wall of text, hope it all goes well. Sincerely, Proosky
  22. Ok so this is my second time applying for admin.... yh apparently i wasnt known enough so despite the feedback i did not quit and run like a little baby, i jumped right back on the server and have been playing my but off since. I missed alot of homework playing this which i regret as now i have it on my records as being terrible at homework but despite the banning off my computer and so on i still played nearly all the time i could. A couple of months have passed and here i am once again applying for one of the best jobs ive ever wanted. Ive met and greeted lots more people and even brought an upgrade from my vip to vip+ so that in the meantime ive still been able to help people but not as much as ive wanted. so in this application im basically going to be saying the same as last time but hopefully people would have met me and would be willing to +1 this so i can help the people of the server. The reason im writing this is because recently when ive been on the server theres been alot of rdm, nlr breaking, prop blocking ect and when ive called for an admin, no one has turned up for a good 10 mins. Thats about all the updates since last time and i hope i can be seen on the fleet helping with all the other admins. Thanks for Reading. Steam Name: Andy24090 RP Name: Slug_Muncher Age: 14 Time Zone + Location: England Greenwich Mean Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Hours Available: mon-fri 4pm-8pm sat-sun 10am-8pm (Depending wether im with my friends or family) About Me: Ok so once again im a male student from england and my real name is Andrew. My life is basically playing video games and i am currently hopng for a future in computing and technology. I will alway and i mean alway try and get on my pc whenever i can. If and when i go on holiday im always asked "is that all your taking?" and ill just be standing there with my laptop bag in my hand and a pair of underwear in the other and be like "yep,, thats all im taking." My friends, well without them i wouldn't be ther person i am today, im not the 'OMG He So Gorg!!' boy or the 'Hes So Popular, I Wish I was I was him', im just the average boy with his group of friends who have a good time together. I dont have many hobbies but one that i do have is scouting and ive been in scouting ever since i was a little boy. I started when i dont even know how old but its called beavers and thats like for the little people and then when you get a bit older, you then move up to become a cub. A cub is like the group thats a bit older then beavers but not as old as scouts and thats what im in now. Being a scout is great as you get to learn so many new skills and you have a great chance to meet new people and build your pesonalitly but i wnt go into that. So the best games in the world so far are .... Garrys mod..... Arma ...... And Dayz. Im also looking forward to the new game coming Star Citizen! Ive always been taught to take life as if it may be your last day on the planet so i always take every oppertunity and never back down to anything. The main thing i would like to do in my life are to skydive and drive a bugatti. My goal in life is to as ive said become a multi million air and live the life anyone could ever want but its a bit ambitous. Not saying its not possible as everythink is possible with hard work and effot. Why would i be an asset to our team?: So i would be a big asset to the team as when i play i always just want to help the people that are being rdmed. I Know all the rules on the server and yes ive broken them sometimes but who hasnt? But instead of just doing nothin like the normal person i have learned from my mistakes and have not broken them since. Helping people has always been my talent as all the way through my school years the teachers always say to my parents at parents evening," Oh isnt he a loverly boy, hes always helping people and is always determined to get it right, BUT HE MUST DO HIS HOMEWORK!!!!" When i first joined the server it was all because of my friend chris an props to him as it was one of the best decisions ever! I have a few good ideas for the server and would be willing to share them with you. Like i said i have VIP+ as i wanted to help out the server with a nice bit of cash and also to be able to hep peole when admins where not around. I think thats it.... If you have read it all the way to here then well done!!! I appreciate it! But i hope to be seen on the fleet and Thanks For Reading. Slug_Muncher.
  23. So i want to be a admin i dont really know what to type here but um,you get the point if i admin abuse ban me/demote me. I have made sure to go over the admin laws to try and make sure not to admin abuse thank you for reading this.
  24. Steam name: Potato RP name: Potato Age: 19 Time zone + Location: EST- Charlotte, MI Hours Available: Weekday's 7AM-4AM About You: I currently still in highschool, I've dropped out of school 3 times due to work, and other events, I've done aviation ( 2 years of Private piloting training ). I'm a very outgoing, respectful person toward people who give respect. I do not like when people break, or bend the rules to their advantage over other players. I currently have 1624Hr's on Garry's mod. I enjoy playing on Reloaded and playing with amazing people each day. I have modded, and been an admin on 2 servers (Garry's Mod Servers) . I was a Admin on the [HZ] server back when my name was KiiKiiPeriod. The other server is shut down for now. I am married, I have a wife who is absolutely to die for. I do not have a job currently, but when I do I will be short on Hr's available. I enjoy long walks on the beach with salty potatoes (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc): My name is Bradley Alexander Adam Lasley, I'm originally from Louisville, KY. My goals are to finished high school this year, then sign up for the USMC. I am currently doing personal fitness and training to get in shape for it. I LOVE car's and airplanes. I enjoy music, and exploring different genre's of music with people. Gaming is another HUGE addiction for me ( Battlefield 3, CS:S, CoD, Minecraft ). My other goal is to try to start a stream on twitch with help of friends or anybody really. I want to try and get a community going and be able to have more people to game with, and to show people real skills Why you would be an asset to our team?: I can tell you what I think you want to hear, but what I can truly bring to your team is respect, loyalty, and great responsibility. I'm mature enough to handle situations between players. I'm not perfect, but I don't got extremely good skills like everybody else, but I do bring that special sauce, I'm the person the community loves, because they can laugh, and they know they will be heard for their opinions, and they know that their issues will be resolved as fast as possible. I can make the server more enjoyable to play, and I am on almost 24/7 just for the fun of it really. P.S. If you do not accept me, then that is fine I will currently still enjoy the server, and will continue to play. I just want to better your community. Thank you for viewing my application and have a great day.
  25. Steam Name: zg_ghostex Rp-Name: [AOD]Ghostex AGE: 15 Time-Zone: U.S Atlantic (eastern) Hours Available: Usually every day from 4-7 ish, weekends longer and around noon (likely) About me: I'm usually very calm with people, I try to work out things i can. For hobbies I play Lacrosse, BasketBall, Soccer, and I love to ride Motocross. I'm very active but reliable I'm not an a**hole. I don't exactly like talking about myself, or like to brag. So I'm not a selfish or "bullheaded". I hang with friends alot i try to make more online or offline. I treat others fairly in cases. Right now im working on building a car with my Dad we are building a 57 Chevy Bell-Air. I love cars thats one of my passions is cars I love working on them and learning more about them every day. I'm also kind of a sneaker head as some would say I know alot about big name brand sneakers. Thats mostly about me you'll get to know me better over time and see how I react and play. ​Why I could Benefit the Team: I could benefit the team in many ways, I treat everyone fairly, I communicate with Team Mates well I listen when i need to, and talk when I'm in turn. I'm creative in ideas that could improve the server, but I also realize that sometimes go the other way and don't turn out as you thought it would. I can be a little stubborn once in a blue moon, everyone has bad days right. I believe i can benefit the Team because I am on when admins aren't most of the time so I can stop Mass RDM mornings, and other problems I have witnessed when no Admins are on. I am prepared to do the better of the good of the server thank you for your time and i understand if you don't want to pass this application. I've also read the MOTD over like 20 times now lol. I am also aware that some players may have problems with me, and that I have been known for Abusing my VIP+ powers on friends but I hope I can put that behind, and once more Thank you for your time.