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Found 6 results

  1. I want Community Builder back because: 1. It was the best fun I've had not only in the server but in any game ever. 2. Communities brought actual roleplay. 3. The 20 v 20 raids were absolutely amazing. 4. It was amazing when we had 2 communities fighting each other. 5. It could keep new players in the server because they could stay in the community and feel accepted. 6. It gives the cops something else to do (raid the communities for illegals.) 7. It was the best way to make money. 8. Best class ever IMO. TL;DR - The server was better with Community Builder.
  2. Hey Guys, I recently posted a three part video series on the black market dealer and posted it to Youtube. I mentioned DarkRP Reloaded as many times as I could, because I think this server is absolutely awesome when compared to many other servers that I've played on. I think I'm going to record more videos in the future; just for fun. So if you like them, please sub to the channel and I'll keep you posted. Here are the links if you want to check them out: First Video: Second Video: Third Video: Thanks!
  3. Greetings Reloaded Community, I've been playing on the server for at least 2 months and have gotten a feel about it, so now I come to the forums to post what I like about certain classes, features and some that I do not. I really like the server, but it's still in development and needs feedback from the community, so hopefully this can spark some discussion or maybe make somethings even better . Forgive me if I sound like an airhead or is really confusing to understand; English is my first language and it's the worst loll. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Server Stuff ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The good: + Staff friendly, Semi-player friendly + Lots of cars + Lots of guns + Plenty of jobs + Plenty of buildings The bad: + Ever since they let people blow up cars by shooting at them, it's been crazy. I got shot up from someone while driving down a street, because they thought they were in danger of getting ran over + Sidewalks are pretty transparent, letting people run down the roads on purpose, so they have an excuse to shoot up cars + No cross walks of the sort, so if someone was on a cross walk and got hit by a car, then that person has every right. + Cars do no damage except to Armour, so that gives the non-drivers an advantage when shooting someone up + The law board is basically transparent, No one knows where they ever are. + Chain link fence props should be blacklisted, because many people spray material on them and make tunnel cages with keypads. OR make it to where you cannot spray on chain links example: They can shoot through the sides without vision from either party, but the person getting raided typically has the upper hand. Opinionated Solutions: + Make crosswalks ok? + Allow drivers to do whatever they want on the roads and follow regulations such as stop at crosswalks + I don't think letting cars deal damage to players is the answer, but god damn is it annoying having randoms shoot your vehicle and get away with it. Once I get ejected from my car, I have little time to react, because my weapon is not selected, I'm looking at my vehicle, and I'm at the mercy of the elements + Blacklist chain links for the love of god + I HIGHLY SUGGEST that tunnels only have 2 faded doors. It's really crappy when you have to picklock or keypad crack 4-5 doors. + Another thing too, Do not let picklocks pick faded doors, because that is failRP too. + Let the laws be on your side. The right upper hand side. Not too many people give a damn about kill feed, They just ~ and look at who killed them. ......................................................... | | | ......................................................... Government Officials: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The good: + Fun to play as + Fun to play against + It's nice to be them when laws are up The bad: + Laws are not visible everywhere + A lot of confusion in arrest situations + Government officials get killed a lot by hit men and they get away with it + PD isn't worth raiding/No incentives + No one plays Police supplier/No incentives + Battering rams can't unfreeze props w/o warrant. ( Leads to major problems, like who's prop it is and who specifically are they warranting ) + RDA RDA RDA RDA RDA + When houses are getting raided or shops, isn't it the cops job to help??? Opinionated Solution: - Allow the mayor to post laws in the upper-right hand corner - Allow the mayor to be corrupt and unfair with laws ( This is the most realistic thing with Government ) - Place auto-wanted on a person that killed a government official ( This adds more risk to it ) - When a wanted person dies, the wanted status goes away ( so many times at spawn, I get arrested for having a wanted even though I died ) - Salaries should have taxes on them - Allow the PD to have a Federal Bank to store taxes in ( This brings more play style with raiding ) - Allow Battering rams to do their job - Fix police supplier's kit, Maybe give him cop only weapons or whatnot. - Fix job descriptions allowing Government officials the power to stop raids, mugs, kidnaps with force or arrests ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Iron Patriot The good: + He's a black superhero + Can have some fun with AOS The bad: + He can't use /wanted or /warrant + He can't buy a police car + He can't Run fast enough in a super suit to arrest someone + Just feels like SWAT with a different skin + Should be able to have a custom bad-ass gun unique to him Opinionated Solution: - Give him a car please. Iron man can have one, but not America man? - Let him warrant, want command - Let him spawn with Kevlar or take reduced damage, He's wearing a metal suit - Unique Weapon - Faster or slightly faster run speed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ghosts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The good: + Exactly The bad: + Does not really have a play style Opinionated Solution: - Give him a scare weapon mod; Example, Right clicking a player with it causes a full screen of a horror image with a sharp, scream. The weapon should have a cool down so abuse will not happen, but the result is usually funny, seeing the other person's reactions - If a ghosts is slain by woody, The ghost should get demoted and not be able to be a ghost for 5 minutes - If you can, Make ghosts invulnerable to everyone except woody, and deny permissions for toolbar or whatever, example: Guns, keys, hands, pocket, etc ( So it doesn't get abused). Except for the ghost gun - Maybe let ghosts go through doors and props, but disable E, so ghosts don't walk into printers rooms and steal all the money. As far as I see Ghosts do not need to use E - Many more ideas to this class, but this is enough for now ~~~~~~~~~~ Woody ~~~~~~~~~~ The good: + He's a childhood hero + He slays ghosts The bad: + Not sure if Sherriff or ghost buster + No unique ghost killing weapon + IF ghost buster, he should be able to base + IF Cop, He should be able to have cop privileges too Opinionated Solution: + Let him be a ghost buster + Give him a Ghost catching/slaying weapon + Let him base ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hit men professions ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The good: +Fun to play +Very Satisfactory job The bad: + There is absolutely zero counters to this job whatsoever, No risk + You can't tell if you have a hit placed on you + Cops can't AOS them, They're a hit men, what else are they going to do??? They can walk close to the mayor without any problems, then it's just LOLOL kill mayor and get smoked by the cops. That should be FailRP. + Experts classes charge too much money per hit. Nobody will hire an expert if there is 3 entrepreneurs on. + Entrepreneurs charge way too little money + People get lazy and work through the loophole that all they have to do is /write kill 3 cops Opinionated Solutions: - Give the hit men more responsibilities like having to do /hit "player's name" | Even though it's RP, It's still a game. You might say it's unrealistic, Well duh. It's unfair that all the hit man has to do is /advert Hit accepted, and that's it. - Allow the person with a hit on him/her with a message - Make hits 1k each for all hit men professions - Let cops AOS hitmen, because they're too dangerous to be let on the streets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well Community, I've spent an hour working on my formulating my opinions, but this should be enough for today. I appreciate the people who've read this and do not take what I say to heart, because these are just suggestions. I don't need the negative, sarcasm, and spiteful comments. I'm trying to help suggest ideas to make the server, hopefully, better. Thank you Fuzzy
  4. Not a big subject, just think the big ideas should be put to a vote after Acceptation. Such as adding a big update, or changing the loading song to "Never gonna give you up". (which would be amazing). The voting process would only seem fair, like a legislature and a new law. You need to pass it first. Maybe the Voting screen would show up when you join the server. (kinda like MOTD)
  5. Omega

    DJ Job update

    I believe these are the things we need to change on the DJ MASTER class. ______________________________________________________________ New Playermodel: The playermodel looks homeless. It really creeps people out to see a peg leg Vietnam vet as a DJ. I think the playermodel should be more casual or fancy. New Radio: The radio we have now. Awful. It dosen't accept custom links, the sound radius is too short and sometimes nobody can hear the music! I propose we get a new radio specifically for DJs. (or some sort of music source) Keep in mind, DJs don't play radio stations that have playlists. So we should be able to choose from our music, or use custom links to our internet based music playlists. Most of us make or have made playlists on sites like: GrooveShark, Pandora, IHeartRadio or Myspace. We should be able to use those playlists as DJs. PS: Being able to use Youtube URLs wouldnt hurt either.
  6. Here's my movie for the MOTW "event" I hope you enjoy the video. <3 Please watch in HD! (1080p) Songname: Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)