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Found 15 results

  1. I want Community Builder back because: 1. It was the best fun I've had not only in the server but in any game ever. 2. Communities brought actual roleplay. 3. The 20 v 20 raids were absolutely amazing. 4. It was amazing when we had 2 communities fighting each other. 5. It could keep new players in the server because they could stay in the community and feel accepted. 6. It gives the cops something else to do (raid the communities for illegals.) 7. It was the best way to make money. 8. Best class ever IMO. TL;DR - The server was better with Community Builder.
  2. Hey, everyone! My in-game role play name is Carlo Gambino, it is based off the former New York mob boss in control of the Gambino crime family. My interest in the American and Sicilian mafia came about at an early age from watching classic movies such as The Godfather, Goodfellas, Once Upon A Time In America, Bugsy, and many other famous crime-noir films. I didn't always want to be some famous hollywood gangster in the mob, for a few years I was preparing to ship out to Paris Island to try out for MARSOC. However, these plans changed after my life took a turn on the more positive side of things in which led me to continue my education into the field of cyber-forensics and counter-terrorism. I am currently in an LDR for the last two years and plan to meet my SO in three days, it's nerve-wracking but exciting! I have a lot of different interests but for the last year I have started becoming involved in the bushcraft / homesteading community for alternative energy, food, etc. In the month of August I will be attending a survival school in the mountains for two weeks and will be taking a high-risk civillian contractor course. I think many of you will come to know me by, "That guy with the harmonica" - "That guy that wanted to raid a base then died" or "That guy who gives out kisses". I hope to see all your beautiful faces in-game one day and I wish you all a very good day!
  3. HELLO EVERYONE! A NEW DARK RP RELOADED PLAYER HAS ARRIVED! Hello everyone. My RP name is COUNT SHUNTULA I am new to the DarkRP reloaded community, though I have played on multiple other RP servers before. So I get a basic understanding on to respect players, ask for help, and help others. I know the basic RDM, NLR, And so on rules. I'm not here to cause trouble, I'm here to make new friends and have a whole new Dark RP experience as most of the RP servers I Play on are the same, and have a bunch of shit staff not doing there jobs properly as staff. As though I am having a hard time trying to join the server, with all the time-outs I hope to join very soon. I am your friendly RP player - COUNT SHUNTULA I plan on Starting a new YouTube gaming channel. And it's been kind of hard to choose on where to start my new Series of a YouTube gaming channel. I chose Garry's mod to start it all out, but finding a server to start out on is more difficult then I thought. If it all works out here on my first 10 minutes of gameplay. I'll start the channel series here. But enough talk. I hope to join soon and see some friendly players. Enjoy your day/evening/night/morning. Thanks for reading!
  4. New Map Update On Workshop:
  5. My name is Dark Link. yes i am an ex-asylum admin, i stepped down from my trusted admin rank (the 2nd highest rank you can get in asylum) due to how the server was beginning to be run. I'm a easy to get along with type of guy (so im told) who love to RP. I'm the type of guy who won't put up with bull shit "trollers" and or "minges". When I RP 90% of the time I am a cop. I live in Minnesota in a suburb of Minneapolis. I will ALWAYS help out new players (when i get the hang of a server that is) Best of all give me a sniper and there is no way i will miss. I love The legend of Zelda. Can't stand most other nintendo games. Love dogs. (don't take that out of context) Will ALWAYS protect whats dear to me. Last but not least, I love horror films. More questions? Feel free to ask.
  6. ZacGames

    Zac's Ban Appeal

    Hello staff of the DarkRP Reloaded server, I was banned a few days ago and this server is our favorite and I was wondering if i could be unbanned. Yes, just asking won't unban me so I will explain what happened. So I was the thief rank at the time and decided to raid the mayor's office thing. I hadn't read all the rules and didn't know I couldn't do that. After that people were complaining I was Random Death Matching and at the time I really did't know what that was because i was new to DarkRP. So I killed the mayor and all the cops and a terrorist came in I killed him then got banned. So that is my story if you guys don't unban me I get it. Just want to play with my friends. Also My Steam name is Zac_Games.
  7. I never got to say my newbie WELCOME Well here it is! I am Inkbird I am SO Friendly to people and if you were going to shoot me or you were mad at me i will hug it out with you !!! I AM ALSO VERY HELPFUL AND NICE TO U GUYZ I have to say that i LOVE THIS SERVER! no no really like dude i fap to this late at night (dont tell anyone, especially freakyslax ) SO FRICKEN MUCH THAT I PLAY IT 10 HOURS STRAIGHT AND ITS REALLY BAD BUT I CANT STAWP ( NO MILEY CYRUS PUN PLEAZE) but really this is an awesome server and i thank the a owner for making this such a well and nice community. I have ONLY been banned once for breaking NLR today but other then that ive been a good boy But really ive been helping lots of people, and i have a lot of friends because of this server! I HOPE TO BE SOMETHING SPECIAL (well more special) FOR THIS SERVER!
  8. Hi everyone, I spend a large amount of my time on the server everyday, yet I feel like I usually don't meet any new people... Well that's why I've made this post, if you would like to base/play /raid with me post your in game name and when you can play in this thread. I will respond whenever I get the chance! Just a quick thing to note: I'm a part of the clan OS.
  9. Okay so I will edit to add more First: NLR Timer I think everybody knows why (Shows NLR On top of player when activated)(Seen by Superadmins and admins only) Second: Anti Player Stuck Also think everybody knows why Third: Hit man Menu Thsi should hopefully help reduce Hitmen accidentily killing some one else then thay intended too Fourth: Come/Leave Tag Great to see whose joining and leaving Fifth: New Printer (Not an addon) Fuly customizable printers.
  10. Hikkler

    2 New Class Ideas

    So, I was looking around, server to server, looking for what made some servers crash less than Reloaded, and I didn't find that, instead I found a new concept, I haven't seen yet, a Chef, and Bartender. The idea of the Bartender class, is you server alcohol, and other drinks through shipments, and they have different effects such as the drugs from the highly wanted drug dealer class, such as small health restorations, and screen effects. And the cook would use a microwave, or oven to "cook" food, and sell it. The cooking process was as simple as pressing "e", and it made noodles, and stuff. I liked it, and thought it would be a nice alternative to a medic.
  11. Joker

    Printer Compromise.

    So a lot of people like the old printers more than the new printers because of variety and maybe looked a bit cooler. But the new printers are big, you can only make 3, the 3 you make are the same kind, they will eventually blow up no matter what you do, its boring watching them. I understand the old printers were removed because of lag but I think we should bring back the old printers BUT... Only the printers which require coolant. The newbies can make weed until they get enough to by coolant printers. When you get rid of all the other printers which don't require coolant, EVERYONE wont be spamming the cheap printers all over the map and leaving them there for hours unattended causing lag.Only some rich people will have lag-causing printers which cost up to 200k and not that many of them. Eliminate about 60% (I'm guessing) of the old printers and the lag will definitely be brought down, maybe even less then there is right now (Probably not, I'm just an optimist). So a compromise, only bring back 3-4 of the old printers to make people happy and cut down on the lag of bringing back ALL the printers. The printers were something that made the server stand out from the rest and enticed people to play on it. I don't know much about lag since I don't own a server but this all seems logical to me. Please tell me if I made a mistake. The old printers were, Better Looking Quicker Didn't spawn an actual entity on the map Durable And Smaller
  12. I've been playing the server for a while now and it's fun and all but what I really miss that other servers have are pianists. I just find it fun to play it and I was wondering if you could maybe add it in there. Whether it's a VIP or not is up to you. Thank you.
  13. There is a version of the map that is the same as the one we have but Christmas themed. It would be cool to use that one for Christmas based RP and encourage the experienced people to be giving to our newer members.
  14. Do People Like These "New" Printers? - They Blow Up Literally Every Time - Too Much Upgrade Cost - Too Fat - Hard To Take The Money Spawned Anyone miss the Old Printers? Yes, the ones with the black, diamond, pearl, emerald, sapphire, coal printers.? + Actually, Faster Speed + More Money + Small & Light + Highly Durable, Non Breaking + Easy To Take Money ----- Honestly, me and many other people don't really like these printers. I decided to make a poll, because honestly, I don't like basing as much, every since the "new" "updated" printers.