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Found 20 results

  1. I want Community Builder back because: 1. It was the best fun I've had not only in the server but in any game ever. 2. Communities brought actual roleplay. 3. The 20 v 20 raids were absolutely amazing. 4. It was amazing when we had 2 communities fighting each other. 5. It could keep new players in the server because they could stay in the community and feel accepted. 6. It gives the cops something else to do (raid the communities for illegals.) 7. It was the best way to make money. 8. Best class ever IMO. TL;DR - The server was better with Community Builder.
  2. Some players who have been on the server for months have mentioned how difficult navigating the new map is. Some new players have also brought up this concern. While many of us have no problems finding our way around, it would still be nice to have access to the map in the F4 menu. This way police would be able to tell where people are calling them to, taxi drivers will know where to bring people, and citizens will know where to head to. For simplicity here is the map as well as a link to the post it is found in. You can download the new map here:
  3. Steam name: MadManScribles Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:50646193 RP name: MadManScribles Age:14 Time zone + Location:Est , New Jersey Hours Available: 3 pm to 12 am every day......OF MY ENTIRE LIFE! weekends will be from 12 pm to 12 am About You:I am MadManScribels, as my name suggest I'm the craziest fat man this side of THE WORLD! I am a Amateur Programmer and Video Game lover (hence my no life)I also have gotten into Paintball and Arisoft which has been a blast! Personal goals are to be a Professional programmer and a Stand Up Comedian! One of My Personal Goals is to be an Administrator on Dark RP Reloaded, I also wish to have a great time doing so. (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc) Why you would be an asset to our team:Well I have more than 600 Hours or so in the server, I enjoy the server and generally wish to sustain its quality TO THE END OF TIME ITSELF! I promise as the next admin to do what all great admins before me have done, be Awesome to be Awesome and teach the rest to be Awesome to. When it comes to most things I usually take a emotional and comedic response , but in serious situations i am a logic oriented machine, I can weed out the trolls and toxic players easily. My goal is to ultimately brighten up the Dark RP Reloaded Community since it has had such a positive impact in my life, I know that I don't act it but I have been in some pretty dark places emotional and you peps have saved my life more than once!!! So i wish to repay you all. 1. I HAVE MORALITY, SO NO CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT, BUT OH BABY YOU WILL BE PUNISHED!! (aka no abuse) 2.I have general knowledge of all class descriptions and rules, I maintain this By reading the motd every time i join. 3.I will be on all night long so don't think my time zone is a concern 4.I have been on the server so long , and i have VIP Plus , so I'm covered in the trust department , i also have befriended many people and have some awesome relationships with some awesome people! 5.I am constantly looking for things to do with people so if I see an admin call that is the first thing I'm doing!! (actually I just want to interact with another human , FOREVER ALONE, either way I'm on the case!) 6. Behind all this foolishness I can be very serious and mature, when a call comes in I will respond to the situation in a appropriate and calm manner......(but that's no fun when I'm Rping so I generally find my inner six year old and act like a MadMan then ;D) 7. My most defining personality trait is my crazy personality and COMEDY!! I'm invaluable because I can lighten up the mood when people are down in the dumps, my jokes are so lame your bound to at least crack a smile when my audience screams "BOOOOOOO!" 8.I am invaluable because I am also online longer than most admins and players so I have more time I can devote to Admin Calls and Quality Control! Thank you for reading this Passion and Comedy driven post! (Promote yourself, tell us why you are invaluable, what makes you better than the rest)
  4. Steam name: RichSaver Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:17431725 RP name: RichSaver Age: 17 Time zone + Location: I am Canadian, and I am proud to drink milk out of bags. Other than this interesting fact, my time zone is (Eastern Time Zone -5:00 UTC) Hours Available: I recently just got accepted for a job at Future Shop (Canadian alternative to Best Buy, a company well-known in the United States of America). I mention this fact simply because this will somewhat affect the hours I will be able to dedicated to this amazing server per week. I am also going to College. As a matter of fact, my annual period of education starts pretty soon. I used to be very active in GMOD when I was younger. However, we need to understand that money does not in any way grow on trees. I can assure you that the hours available to me ,that I will personally use to administrate the server if I do get selected, will be used efficiently. You can expect me to be mostly on during weekends at night if I don't have any homework/project. Sadly, my education and my job are 2 crucial factors that will impact the hours I will be able to use in order to moderate the server. About You: My name is Sylvester, and I am 17 years old. I personally like to maintain order, whether it's when I am part of any kind of team, or when it comes to gaming communities. Indeed, I do not like drama at all, nor do I cause any. I simply enjoy practicing my hobbies that I absolutely love daily. Even though we are in 2014, a new era filled with amazing games, I must admit that my favorite online game is still Garry's Mod. The possibilities that GMOD offers are endless. Agreed, just look at what RevoMods turned DarkRP into. DarkRP Reloaded is just flawless and addicting. There are many jobs, many cars, and endless RP opportunities. I plan to become a cardiologist, if the Lord lets me. That is why I will dedicated most of my time working hard when College starts. Call me a nerd if you want, but I guarantee you that I am not. If you have the opportunity to meet me in real life, you would know that I love to mess around. People consider me as a great actor. I do not know why, but many acquaintances told me that I have a chance in the film industry. I am not interested into becoming a celebrity though. It is simply too much stress for no reason. I consider myself as a patient, humble gentleman. Indeed, I always do my best to remain calm at any situation. As a matter of fact, I very rarely get angry. If you see me yelling in-game, it's because I am roleplaying haha. Indeed, I tend to yell whenever I talk over the mic on GMOD simply because I want people to think that I am crazy, and that I am trigger-happy. Do not worry though, for I do not yell in TeamSpeak at all. Why you would be an asset to our team: I personally think that I would be a great asset to your staff. Like I said earlier, I am very patient, and I always listen to every side that a story has to offer. I have administrated, moderated, managed, many communities in the past. Indeed, I am currently the manager of a very popular server running the gamemode "The Purge" at the moment. It would be sweet to see what Revo can do with "The Purge" if he ever was to code it. The Founder of Crafting Innovations and this outstanding community has even witnessed me admining in another whole community, a community that we used to be part together long before the creation of this amazing society. I must say that I have a lot of experience with ASSMod, and ULX. Indeed, if you do hire me, I will not require any type of training regarding Ulysses Administration Addon. I also read the rules, and I am aware of most of them (We are not perfect, it is normal to forget a few rules. DarkRP Reloaded has over 100 rules; thus explaining why I stated that I know MOST of them and not ALL of them because I am pretty sure that I forgot some already. However, it is mandatory to remember the General Rules. I do. ) In my opinion, banning should be of last resort. Indeed, I personally do not like to ban people unless it is necessary. I personally like to use AWarn/jail/freeze/ whenever it comes to assigning punishments against the perpetrators that roam the streets. I think that the ban function should only be used against hackers, people who try to crash this magnificent server, or offenders that have committed several crimes against this majestuous society. I really love admining in general, simply because I like to make sure that everyone is enjoying the server. I do not think that admin perks should be used for anything else than maintaining orders on the server, unless of course you are the Owner of this fabulous community; thus, do not expect me to abuse. I fell in love with this server the moment I joined. Indeed, I even bought VIP+ the day after I joined the server. This server simply reminds me of the old good days back in PERP. I used to be a hardcore PERP player. However, I must say that DarkRP Reloaded exceeded my expectations. The Owner of this community also is a nice guy, from what I can remember. I mostly respect him because he is a legitimate, smart, and friendly businessman who has room in his heart for his players. He is the kind of man I wanna work with. It would simply be an honor to work for DarkRP Reloaded, simply because I wouldn't consider admining as a job in the first place. Indeed, I simply love admining. Thank you for considering me ladies and gentlemen. P.S.: If you do not know me, please hop on the server whenever you can. I am usually on during the day. It would be a pleasure to play with you. I usually play as a hacker; thus, I will be able to provide you with gifts if we do base together
  5. Greetings Reloaded Community, I've been playing on the server for at least 2 months and have gotten a feel about it, so now I come to the forums to post what I like about certain classes, features and some that I do not. I really like the server, but it's still in development and needs feedback from the community, so hopefully this can spark some discussion or maybe make somethings even better . Forgive me if I sound like an airhead or is really confusing to understand; English is my first language and it's the worst loll. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ General Server Stuff ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The good: + Staff friendly, Semi-player friendly + Lots of cars + Lots of guns + Plenty of jobs + Plenty of buildings The bad: + Ever since they let people blow up cars by shooting at them, it's been crazy. I got shot up from someone while driving down a street, because they thought they were in danger of getting ran over + Sidewalks are pretty transparent, letting people run down the roads on purpose, so they have an excuse to shoot up cars + No cross walks of the sort, so if someone was on a cross walk and got hit by a car, then that person has every right. + Cars do no damage except to Armour, so that gives the non-drivers an advantage when shooting someone up + The law board is basically transparent, No one knows where they ever are. + Chain link fence props should be blacklisted, because many people spray material on them and make tunnel cages with keypads. OR make it to where you cannot spray on chain links example: They can shoot through the sides without vision from either party, but the person getting raided typically has the upper hand. Opinionated Solutions: + Make crosswalks ok? + Allow drivers to do whatever they want on the roads and follow regulations such as stop at crosswalks + I don't think letting cars deal damage to players is the answer, but god damn is it annoying having randoms shoot your vehicle and get away with it. Once I get ejected from my car, I have little time to react, because my weapon is not selected, I'm looking at my vehicle, and I'm at the mercy of the elements + Blacklist chain links for the love of god + I HIGHLY SUGGEST that tunnels only have 2 faded doors. It's really crappy when you have to picklock or keypad crack 4-5 doors. + Another thing too, Do not let picklocks pick faded doors, because that is failRP too. + Let the laws be on your side. The right upper hand side. Not too many people give a damn about kill feed, They just ~ and look at who killed them. ......................................................... | | | ......................................................... Government Officials: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The good: + Fun to play as + Fun to play against + It's nice to be them when laws are up The bad: + Laws are not visible everywhere + A lot of confusion in arrest situations + Government officials get killed a lot by hit men and they get away with it + PD isn't worth raiding/No incentives + No one plays Police supplier/No incentives + Battering rams can't unfreeze props w/o warrant. ( Leads to major problems, like who's prop it is and who specifically are they warranting ) + RDA RDA RDA RDA RDA + When houses are getting raided or shops, isn't it the cops job to help??? Opinionated Solution: - Allow the mayor to post laws in the upper-right hand corner - Allow the mayor to be corrupt and unfair with laws ( This is the most realistic thing with Government ) - Place auto-wanted on a person that killed a government official ( This adds more risk to it ) - When a wanted person dies, the wanted status goes away ( so many times at spawn, I get arrested for having a wanted even though I died ) - Salaries should have taxes on them - Allow the PD to have a Federal Bank to store taxes in ( This brings more play style with raiding ) - Allow Battering rams to do their job - Fix police supplier's kit, Maybe give him cop only weapons or whatnot. - Fix job descriptions allowing Government officials the power to stop raids, mugs, kidnaps with force or arrests ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Iron Patriot The good: + He's a black superhero + Can have some fun with AOS The bad: + He can't use /wanted or /warrant + He can't buy a police car + He can't Run fast enough in a super suit to arrest someone + Just feels like SWAT with a different skin + Should be able to have a custom bad-ass gun unique to him Opinionated Solution: - Give him a car please. Iron man can have one, but not America man? - Let him warrant, want command - Let him spawn with Kevlar or take reduced damage, He's wearing a metal suit - Unique Weapon - Faster or slightly faster run speed ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ghosts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The good: + Exactly The bad: + Does not really have a play style Opinionated Solution: - Give him a scare weapon mod; Example, Right clicking a player with it causes a full screen of a horror image with a sharp, scream. The weapon should have a cool down so abuse will not happen, but the result is usually funny, seeing the other person's reactions - If a ghosts is slain by woody, The ghost should get demoted and not be able to be a ghost for 5 minutes - If you can, Make ghosts invulnerable to everyone except woody, and deny permissions for toolbar or whatever, example: Guns, keys, hands, pocket, etc ( So it doesn't get abused). Except for the ghost gun - Maybe let ghosts go through doors and props, but disable E, so ghosts don't walk into printers rooms and steal all the money. As far as I see Ghosts do not need to use E - Many more ideas to this class, but this is enough for now ~~~~~~~~~~ Woody ~~~~~~~~~~ The good: + He's a childhood hero + He slays ghosts The bad: + Not sure if Sherriff or ghost buster + No unique ghost killing weapon + IF ghost buster, he should be able to base + IF Cop, He should be able to have cop privileges too Opinionated Solution: + Let him be a ghost buster + Give him a Ghost catching/slaying weapon + Let him base ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hit men professions ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The good: +Fun to play +Very Satisfactory job The bad: + There is absolutely zero counters to this job whatsoever, No risk + You can't tell if you have a hit placed on you + Cops can't AOS them, They're a hit men, what else are they going to do??? They can walk close to the mayor without any problems, then it's just LOLOL kill mayor and get smoked by the cops. That should be FailRP. + Experts classes charge too much money per hit. Nobody will hire an expert if there is 3 entrepreneurs on. + Entrepreneurs charge way too little money + People get lazy and work through the loophole that all they have to do is /write kill 3 cops Opinionated Solutions: - Give the hit men more responsibilities like having to do /hit "player's name" | Even though it's RP, It's still a game. You might say it's unrealistic, Well duh. It's unfair that all the hit man has to do is /advert Hit accepted, and that's it. - Allow the person with a hit on him/her with a message - Make hits 1k each for all hit men professions - Let cops AOS hitmen, because they're too dangerous to be let on the streets ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well Community, I've spent an hour working on my formulating my opinions, but this should be enough for today. I appreciate the people who've read this and do not take what I say to heart, because these are just suggestions. I don't need the negative, sarcasm, and spiteful comments. I'm trying to help suggest ideas to make the server, hopefully, better. Thank you Fuzzy
  6. First Idea (Hard) I don't know how this would be possible :s HOWEVER I feel like there should be a Job called Impound Patrol and a Impound Officer the Impound Patrol would be able to walk around with a special tool the allows you to "respawn" vehicle's in a lot in witch the Impound officer would be able to sell back cars that we badly placed by players. Second Idea (easier) Allow police to give parking tickets that cost like 500$ and when ever a car is parked in a spot it shouldn't they can go to their F4 menu and "give ticket" This will then send the player a notification to pay the parking vendor Witch could be an NPC or something and if they dont within the next 5mins they get Automatically Jailed or Wanted! Final notes: I am curious on other peoples Idea's of this Feedback is GREATLY appreciated!
  7. Not a big subject, just think the big ideas should be put to a vote after Acceptation. Such as adding a big update, or changing the loading song to "Never gonna give you up". (which would be amazing). The voting process would only seem fair, like a legislature and a new law. You need to pass it first. Maybe the Voting screen would show up when you join the server. (kinda like MOTD)
  8. Omega

    DJ Job update

    I believe these are the things we need to change on the DJ MASTER class. ______________________________________________________________ New Playermodel: The playermodel looks homeless. It really creeps people out to see a peg leg Vietnam vet as a DJ. I think the playermodel should be more casual or fancy. New Radio: The radio we have now. Awful. It dosen't accept custom links, the sound radius is too short and sometimes nobody can hear the music! I propose we get a new radio specifically for DJs. (or some sort of music source) Keep in mind, DJs don't play radio stations that have playlists. So we should be able to choose from our music, or use custom links to our internet based music playlists. Most of us make or have made playlists on sites like: GrooveShark, Pandora, IHeartRadio or Myspace. We should be able to use those playlists as DJs. PS: Being able to use Youtube URLs wouldnt hurt either.
  9. I'd like to thank the staff on behalf the of player community. Thank you to the staff that worked and made the map possible, many people have seen the new map, enjoyed the new look and the more room it has provided. Good job guys, this couldn't have happened with you!
  10. Basically How I Feel When The Server Is Down
  11. steam name: hpseanyboymoney RP name: hpseanyboymoney Age:14 Time zone + Location:EST , NJ Hours Available: 4 to 10 pm.Whenever am not in school I am basically on all day. About You:I am Sean, I am a avid video-game player and enjoy gaming and programming.My personal goal is to go to MIT for Computer Sciences and Programming.I also love Animals..... a lot.I am also very non-biased and have many hours in game around 350 (that's a lot for me)(200 of which were on this server). Why you would be an asset to our team: I would be a asset because ,First of all i am very non bias , I also have tried to help as much as I can since becoming VIP+.( I helped a lot during the great RDM NLR war of 4 PM ask Viktor.)Secondly, I am a gamer. Games are my life, so I do have a lot of dedication when it comes to games and technology, I could also help with any technical or social and people problems.Third, I can also help the players as I do know the rules.I do read the MOTD nearly every time I join the server ( which is rare among other players).Fourthly it is true I've gotten in trouble in the past , I cannot deny that , but still I always try to adhere to the rules as much as possible.Lastly I have been witness to many rule breaking, when I call an admin it usually takes to long for them to come (usually to long), as admin I would be fast and swift with my sits, but still give everyone a fair chance and I will still hear there side of the story. if I have to sacrifice my personal RP time to help , I gladly will. Thank you for even glancing at this application.
  12. Okay so I will edit to add more First: NLR Timer I think everybody knows why (Shows NLR On top of player when activated)(Seen by Superadmins and admins only) Second: Anti Player Stuck Also think everybody knows why Third: Hit man Menu Thsi should hopefully help reduce Hitmen accidentily killing some one else then thay intended too Fourth: Come/Leave Tag Great to see whose joining and leaving Fifth: New Printer (Not an addon) Fuly customizable printers.
  13. So we need a new song like seriously people are saying that its fine well doesn't matter what you think if its fine then I think you would not mind a song change. Post any ideas for a new song pick some fun song and catchy!! ill start here Avicii-Wake Me Up
  14. DarkRP offers such a dynamic and open-ended experience. Players may express themselves in a myriad of creative and interesting ways. Its funny then, that DarkRP has been extremely resilient to change in the past several years. My guess is a simple lack of demand for a change in the DarkRP foundations. Most players are comfortable with it, even after playing countless hours. However, every successful DarkRp server has had the clear goal of delivering an experience that satisfies these interests. Those who own or create the servers look at the few known interests and provide players with these. A clear example being the newly integrated M9K weapons, which satisfy the majority’s interests in shootin’ stuff. Much like the weapon selection, the car selection is wide and provides a range of options for all players. Money printers can be customized to fit the amount of cash a player has and allow a very accessible way to plug funds into the server, and make cash out. Each of these three examples plays a part in the very essence of DarkRp. Choice. To remain on track, I’ll just say that Player Choice has been realized by all game developers as the single most important component to games. The idea of Player Choice was fully taken into account and delivered in games such as the Grand Theft Auto and Elder Scrolls series, which made them so successful. However, getting more into my main point, game developers also realized that players were playing the game to a peak where, no matter how good it was, they were getting bored with the experience. Titanic sized games like GTA are becoming more common, yet they all hit the same iceberg and sink into the stale waters. Therefore, developers quickly found a way to steer the “ship” into safer waters. By adding new content to their games, they could revive the playing experience. While there exists movies, games, or songs we can listen to a hundred times and still get the desired effect, nothing can escape that eventual loss in satisfaction. Remember those times when you came home with a new game you had been excitedly waiting for since the first trailer. You finally get home, tear open the wrapper, open the case, and breathe in that new-game fragrance. You put it in, press play, and are instantly taken away by even the simplest of new features the game offers. It is very unlikely that you’ll ever feel the same way when you play the game again. Does that mean it has lost it’s value? No! Not unless the game is complete garbage and you were high. Anyways, some games are so good they just keep begging you to play them. The developers are smart and give players new content to please the never-ceasing demand. DarkRp is no exception to the laws of entertainment. Gamers are like big babies and eventually ya’ll gotta give ‘em the nipple. If the owner and administration of a server want their creation to continue to grow and thrive, they absolutely have to integrate new content. Players crave something fresh, new, and exciting to keep them entertained and, equally important, coming back. On the flip side, there’s a good chance the game (or server) is in need of a diaper change. What may have been a good idea when it first went in didn't altogether come out as anticipated. My suggestion to the administration is to keep all this in mind. I will say, DarkRP Reloaded seems to do a pretty good job with all of this. As I mentioned earlier, the M9K weapons and cars are very good at meeting the wants of players. I found the amount of jobs and care that went into their descriptions was one factor doing so much to boost the replay-ability of the server. I’ve never once looked into adding new content into a server and consequently I have no idea what sort of things need to be considered when doing so. However, I would like to encourage the administration to be risk-takers. DarkRP Reloaded has a lot going for it, and I believe it should experiment with some different kinds of content. If something turns out to be smelly, change it! But in the process of innovation, I can guarantee that there are many potential areas to explore in adding content and great prospective benefits are certainly there. As I suggested in the last passage, I have no experience in managing a server. This is coming purely from my experience playing not only this server, but a crazy amount of others. I do understand new content can easily lead to a heap of problems and, even though the content may very cool, it just won’t work out. I haven’t been playing DarkRP Reloaded for very long, but there is definite room for expanding and growth. I obviously kept away from criticism because, as it turns out, people don’t like to hear bad things. And no, I’m not tacitly alluding to some problem I have with this server because honestly, I’ve had much more enjoyment out of DarkRp Reloaded then any other server. Surely, no server is without problems because no server is without people. Just imagine walking down Rp Downtown with little to no one on the server. There’d be very little to do, but very few problems. Yes, players are what keeps a server going, but what also instigates the problems. It’s just unavoidable, plain ‘n simple. My hope is that adding new content won’t be deterred by this, and that administration members are willing to work with new things. I believe everyone would greatly appreciate the benefits of a frequently updated server. Harmonizing some unique content with the DarkRp experience will create some unforeseeable results, but it is the key to creating a new game everyone will appreciate and have fun with.
  15. Steam Name: Original- thezimmerman151 Current- Spencer Zim RP Name: Spencer Zim Age: 15 Time zone + Location: Eastern Standard l Canada, Ontario Hours Available: Almost everyday weekday after 3:00 and almost all day most/every weekend. About me: I'm am a very friendly person who has spent many hours playing Gmod (753) and I have spent plenty of hours on the server and plan on playing for many more! I have a good fun personality and many different players know who I am as well as admins! I seem to be liked on the server and would love to help the server even more! I also seem to join servers (for example the server I play TTT on) and by the time I need to leave everyone likes me and has had a good time! Why would I be a good asset? : I like to play and I noticed the server has a inbalenced number of Admins to players and would like to help fix that I spend alot of time trying to help admins with out any kind of power by asking players what happened and whats wrong and trying to deal with it or i'll give them compensation to help. I find these help people not yell Admin as much and helps relive some stress i'm sure admins have, thus giving them more time to RP and have fun! I have experience on many servers as an admin such as Minecraft, Trouble in Terrorist Town, A different DarkRP (it was closed D: ) and some others! I think I would be a good helpful asset to the Staff team and hope that you think so as well ! I hope I can help out the community any way possible whether I continue to RP and help players have fun or help them learn new things like commands or rule! OR maybe become an admin and can help deal with the constant Admin calls I hope you consider me and have a wonderful day! ​I realize this is like like my previous one with some more info and updates I decided to repost a while after the server came back, Congratulations I survived the ddoss Woot! ~Spencer
  16. I have just a few suggestions. Here goes. 1. CHANGING THE SONG. Cute at first. Makes you wanna slap a turtle after awhile. 2 Choices. A. Wild Side - by Mötley Crüe - B. Paradise City - by Guns N' Roses - 2. Changing Entrepreneur - to - Casino Manager. Moving the slot machines into the building where they are currently placed (other side of wall), and allow that room to only be bought by the Casino Manager. Allowing him to set up a enter fee, play time fees, or what have you. And even hire security guards! (this means no more being a hitman) [using Elvis model from the pack posted below] 3. Getting rid of Gang Gray, ASP, and Resistance. Too much confusion between all 3 to make any sense to some of our younger players. Instead, replacing all 3 of them with 2. The Bloods and The Crips!!!!!!!!! This way, it will be easier to determine, who's enemy with who, and their agenda. Having a Crips/Bloods Leader, Crips/Bloods Drug Dealer, and Crips/Bloods Member, which will take up majority of the slots. [using Bloods & Crips models from the pack posted below] 4. Adding a Hitman job. Limit of 1. Allowing only 1 hit per 10 mins. Also, since their would be a hitman job, the Private Military would NOT be able to do hits for hire anymore. Only Raids & Mugs for hire. [using the Niko Bellic model from the pack posted below] 5. Getting rid of the Police's TMP. They should have no need for such a weapon, unless purchased via a Gun Dealer. Also, changing a SWAT's P90 to a MP5. Adding more realism, and forcing them to think more tactically during their assaults, since they would no longer have the 50 round magazine. 6. Allowing only the Police Supplier to build in the Locker Room area of the Police Department. Also allowing the Mayor to only build in the Office portion of the Police Department. This would make the Police Supplier more useful, and would also keep the Mayor better protected and away from violence. Player Model Pack Link
  17. Steam name: Lauryn <3 RP name: Anonymous Age: 19 Years of Age Time zone + Location: EST Time U.S - New York/Canada Hours Available: Varies according to my actual job. Monday - Wednesday "Free" About You: Alright well i've been playing Gary's Mod for years and im extremly fluent in the ruling. I consider myself a cop of the "admin" rule. Unfortunatly I have actually argued and won against admins on our server about the Motd to prove my point. I consider myself to be a perfect applicant to be an admin on your server and I can tell you that you won't be dissapointed. I know you're currently not looking for admins at this point in time but it never hurts to post an application for later notice. I'm a pretty respected player on your server. I created the gang in the private military " Anonymous " and we have alot of fun. We usually get a group of 10-20 going. Yes there are problems that brew inside of a group that big which includes some rdm and arguing, BUT i don't tollerate and they are usually kicked from the group immideatly after a warning. So with my experience of maintainging a group so large i have some form of experience with the meaning Warning - Kick - Ban, I'm extremly friendly and very understanding. When someone is raging i will cope them through the situation till they're satisfied. I consider myself to be extremly skilled with persuading people to calm themselves and think the situation over. I've had a few incidents where i've been mad at the admins for calling a very Bs reason of ruling but i stopped and thought about it and it came through my head and i should respect their decision. I hope you consider my application with the up-most importance. I will be more than happy to show you i have what it takes to be the best admin this server has ever seen. Thank you and as always I anonymous hope your server prospers forever. I know i will play on it forever and that i would continue donating if i could - Thumbs up- -Yours Truly -Anonymous
  18. Steam name: Ak Katkinz RP name: Katarina the Fox Gurrl Age: 15 Time zone + Location: MST Time - Colorado Hours Available: Weekdays: Usually late at night ( 7-10pm) Weekends: Sometimes all day (any time if I'm not busy) About You: (Who you are, your hobbies, personal goals, etc) I'm a very playful girl who enjoys playing video games on my free time; many people describe me as being weird, in a good way, though. When I'm not playing games I'm either drawing or practicing animation. I love animating and drawing and hope to take my knowledge of both into a career someday. I love making friends and making people feel good about themselves. I am very nice, but don't think I will put up with any disrespect. Regarding my experiences as an Admin, I have never been one on any game or any server, and so training is imperative. Why you would be an asset to our team: Although there are many Administrators on the server, I believe I could help when other Admins need a break, or there's not enough online to answer dozens of calls. (Promote yourself, tell us why you are invaluable, what makes you better than the rest) Many people have told me that I would make a good Admin, and some have even said that I deserve to be one for being a loyal and good player on the server. I play a lot, and any way I can contribute to the server to make it better, I will do it. <3 DarkRP Reloaded <3
  19. Hello, I hope that someone can sort this out and help me get through this, I couldn't play for 3 days, which is a big upset, well atleast, for me it is. Its stuck on downloading these model/weapon/CMBHGP models, It eventually downloads it, just one model, which takes 10 minutes, then the next one comes, and then it restarts everytime I try to rejoin the server. I never can get on. Please help.
  20. Server Crashing: Crashing has been an issue on the server for a LONG time, When the entire server itself crashes there is a MASS loss of money related items, shipments, printers, weed, props, ect. There are Pros and Cons of the crashes and I will go over that. PROS: The sever gets a clean fresh start. The players have a chance to get all the doors and build bases before all. The server will lag a lot less. There will be much more room for bases and useless bases will be gone. All the jobs will be avaliable for players, which means if all the jobs were full or just about full, other players can take the place and the cycle is repeated. More room for new players trying to join. CONS: All Players will lose their props. Players will have to rejoin which is irritating for them and time-consuming. All Players will lose their printers, shipments, guns, weed, cars. When they log back on they will be reverted to a citizen and they will have to try and get their job back. Many players lose a decent amount of money, which makes them mad. Players build big amazing bases and they lose that when the server crashes. Huge Gangs will usually be ruined by the crashes. What you can do and what you shouldn't do after a server crash: What to do: Ask an admin for a refund but if he/she refuses do not go in an outrage. Tell the truth about what you lost Buy your doors back. Get your car back. Get your friends and gang back together. Only buy printers and weed when your base is fully recovered. Ask admins for assistance if you lost any important shipments. If no admins are on at the time when you re-log then wait patiently and keep calm. Tell an admin about what you think might have crashed the server. The more we know the better it is for you! What NOT to do: Do not go in an outrage and start screaming at the admins and players because of the server crash. Do not use the server crash to your advantage to start prop blocking, RDMing, ect. Do not encourage printer bombing or take part in it. Do not lie to admins about what you lost. Do not lie over and over to different admins to get more cash. If you lost a shipment, do not ask a player, ask an admin for a CASH refund. Yea.. not much more I can think of leave your suggestions for more things to add by the way.