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Found 10 results

  1. I want Community Builder back because: 1. It was the best fun I've had not only in the server but in any game ever. 2. Communities brought actual roleplay. 3. The 20 v 20 raids were absolutely amazing. 4. It was amazing when we had 2 communities fighting each other. 5. It could keep new players in the server because they could stay in the community and feel accepted. 6. It gives the cops something else to do (raid the communities for illegals.) 7. It was the best way to make money. 8. Best class ever IMO. TL;DR - The server was better with Community Builder.
  2. Smiley Crack

    Text Screens

    I had an idea that premiums or VIP+'s should be allowed to spawn 2 text screens, this could be useful for certain classes such as a kidnapper when he has a KOS sign and a sign for his prisoners that say "KOS if escaping." Also, you could use it if your base has 2 entrances and want a KOS on both, their are many possiblities. Many other people on the server agreed with me so I figured I'd post this on the forums. Thanks for reading, please tell me your feedback on this idea!
  3. Cars: Toyata AE86 ( Is a japanese drifter and would be a good noobie car) Limosine ( A limo will be good for gang bosses to come in. Motorcycles this would be great for all biker gangs. Weapons: Meat cleaver ( This is the triads primary weapon and should replace the sword triad boss spawns with) Baseball bats and Brass Knuckles Jobs: YAKUZA Member ( Triads are here but why not Yakuza's) Yakuza Boss ( Spawns with a sword) Chef ( Can cook food and open restruants) Street Racer And Trafic police ( Cops that go after Street racers and speeders) Biker ( Add motor cycles then add bikers!) Biker Prez ( Spawns with Baseball bat. Gang/ Organization System: Rankings you should add rankings so it will work like this go to the !gang menu and you click on your member and you can rank them up you can also create ranks and there name So for example RANK:1 (insert name here) then that rank will be under the useer's name. Now to promote a member click on a member and then select PROMOTE Member. To Create a rank There should be a tab and then there should be 30 rank slots and you can use how many slots you want so if I use 5 slots I will enter the rank names in those 5 slots. So I would love to get these things into the game! Let me tell you my future plans I am going to make a triad gang and after I get 5 Members I am going to make A Chinese Restruant One member is the Chef now we use the Restraunt as a front and in the back of the restruant behind the kitchen is a room where me and my gang will have meetings. then if a guy messes up I will enter this into advert /advert You failed the triad *Cuts finger off with a meatcleaver* and I will kill himwith the meat cleaver but in the Role play he is still alive. I would also love if the triad boss has a new playermodel of a Triad Brawler and here is some playmodels for the Triad Boss and members you already have some but not all I think You can use the guy in the suit for the yakuza job if you add it.
  4. This addon is a phone addon if you haven't caught that already. It adds an in-game phone on the bottom right of your screen ( I think it can be adjusted if it conflicts with anything ). You can make phone calls from it, and each player has their own number, and you can also call 911. It adds a whole lot more to roleplay, and most of the functions happen clientside ( Except for the voice communication of course ), which means no lag! The only downside I see to this is that people who don't have a mic will not be able to use it, but for people who do, it makes it a whole lot more fun.
  5. You MUST make the mayors playermodel something more appealing. I vote Morgan Freeman:
  6. I am the new to the forums and this is my first post so forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong spot. I noticed that the server can get very dark at times so I would like to suggest that you implement the Lamp prop in wiremod. The only thing you need to allow players to use is the lamp because we could then lighten up our homes or hobos could lighten up the streets. Very simple prop, Place, Wire, Press Button. Or just make the lamp so it is always on, take out the buttons and the wire. Just a suggestion to "Brighten" up the server. Please look in to this, everybody loves being able to see!
  7. Okay so I will edit to add more First: NLR Timer I think everybody knows why (Shows NLR On top of player when activated)(Seen by Superadmins and admins only) Second: Anti Player Stuck Also think everybody knows why Third: Hit man Menu Thsi should hopefully help reduce Hitmen accidentily killing some one else then thay intended too Fourth: Come/Leave Tag Great to see whose joining and leaving Fifth: New Printer (Not an addon) Fuly customizable printers.
  8. So I think you should add a list on the forums of all the people who have custom jobs that also include the description of each one. So that people know who can do what and what not to do. This list will benefit everyone and the admins so that they know for sure what each person can do and can't. This will help with judgement calls. Special thanks to Viktor for the idea. For Example: Username: Job/Class: Raid: Mug/Rob Description:
  9. DarkRP offers such a dynamic and open-ended experience. Players may express themselves in a myriad of creative and interesting ways. Its funny then, that DarkRP has been extremely resilient to change in the past several years. My guess is a simple lack of demand for a change in the DarkRP foundations. Most players are comfortable with it, even after playing countless hours. However, every successful DarkRp server has had the clear goal of delivering an experience that satisfies these interests. Those who own or create the servers look at the few known interests and provide players with these. A clear example being the newly integrated M9K weapons, which satisfy the majority’s interests in shootin’ stuff. Much like the weapon selection, the car selection is wide and provides a range of options for all players. Money printers can be customized to fit the amount of cash a player has and allow a very accessible way to plug funds into the server, and make cash out. Each of these three examples plays a part in the very essence of DarkRp. Choice. To remain on track, I’ll just say that Player Choice has been realized by all game developers as the single most important component to games. The idea of Player Choice was fully taken into account and delivered in games such as the Grand Theft Auto and Elder Scrolls series, which made them so successful. However, getting more into my main point, game developers also realized that players were playing the game to a peak where, no matter how good it was, they were getting bored with the experience. Titanic sized games like GTA are becoming more common, yet they all hit the same iceberg and sink into the stale waters. Therefore, developers quickly found a way to steer the “ship” into safer waters. By adding new content to their games, they could revive the playing experience. While there exists movies, games, or songs we can listen to a hundred times and still get the desired effect, nothing can escape that eventual loss in satisfaction. Remember those times when you came home with a new game you had been excitedly waiting for since the first trailer. You finally get home, tear open the wrapper, open the case, and breathe in that new-game fragrance. You put it in, press play, and are instantly taken away by even the simplest of new features the game offers. It is very unlikely that you’ll ever feel the same way when you play the game again. Does that mean it has lost it’s value? No! Not unless the game is complete garbage and you were high. Anyways, some games are so good they just keep begging you to play them. The developers are smart and give players new content to please the never-ceasing demand. DarkRp is no exception to the laws of entertainment. Gamers are like big babies and eventually ya’ll gotta give ‘em the nipple. If the owner and administration of a server want their creation to continue to grow and thrive, they absolutely have to integrate new content. Players crave something fresh, new, and exciting to keep them entertained and, equally important, coming back. On the flip side, there’s a good chance the game (or server) is in need of a diaper change. What may have been a good idea when it first went in didn't altogether come out as anticipated. My suggestion to the administration is to keep all this in mind. I will say, DarkRP Reloaded seems to do a pretty good job with all of this. As I mentioned earlier, the M9K weapons and cars are very good at meeting the wants of players. I found the amount of jobs and care that went into their descriptions was one factor doing so much to boost the replay-ability of the server. I’ve never once looked into adding new content into a server and consequently I have no idea what sort of things need to be considered when doing so. However, I would like to encourage the administration to be risk-takers. DarkRP Reloaded has a lot going for it, and I believe it should experiment with some different kinds of content. If something turns out to be smelly, change it! But in the process of innovation, I can guarantee that there are many potential areas to explore in adding content and great prospective benefits are certainly there. As I suggested in the last passage, I have no experience in managing a server. This is coming purely from my experience playing not only this server, but a crazy amount of others. I do understand new content can easily lead to a heap of problems and, even though the content may very cool, it just won’t work out. I haven’t been playing DarkRP Reloaded for very long, but there is definite room for expanding and growth. I obviously kept away from criticism because, as it turns out, people don’t like to hear bad things. And no, I’m not tacitly alluding to some problem I have with this server because honestly, I’ve had much more enjoyment out of DarkRp Reloaded then any other server. Surely, no server is without problems because no server is without people. Just imagine walking down Rp Downtown with little to no one on the server. There’d be very little to do, but very few problems. Yes, players are what keeps a server going, but what also instigates the problems. It’s just unavoidable, plain ‘n simple. My hope is that adding new content won’t be deterred by this, and that administration members are willing to work with new things. I believe everyone would greatly appreciate the benefits of a frequently updated server. Harmonizing some unique content with the DarkRp experience will create some unforeseeable results, but it is the key to creating a new game everyone will appreciate and have fun with.
  10. There is a version of the map that is the same as the one we have but Christmas themed. It would be cool to use that one for Christmas based RP and encourage the experienced people to be giving to our newer members.