If You Remember Me I Feel Bad For You

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Well I've been playing on this server for a long ass time but sorta got inactive until it started back up again. You guys might remember me from when I was pure autism, going by names such as Dubstep, DubstepGaming, LEEROY JENKINS, and Dart. Now I have moved on and might possibly be the purest cancer even known. I chose the name Anne Frank because its edgy and fun to "roleplay" as.

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hey guys, retired admin here, i basically helped start this server, if you remember me like my status, thanks xdddddddd

omg sayem!!11!11!1!! ECKS DEE DEE DEE DEE DEE


"Then when I give up and call her fat, she gets even madder, it's not fair!" ~Kochi 12/8/14
"Dude, when I am 69 those will be the best years of my life" -Jearbear 1/29/15
"I seriously thought the M in Margarita was silent..." -Jearbear 2/2/15
"This ain't GMOD anymore, we're big boys now!" -InvexFX 6/1/15 (He said this while playing CSGO on ESEA)

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