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Oddchief64's ban appeal

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RP Name: Oddchief64
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:47861369
Date of Ban: I think it was around last year May
Length of Ban: Permanent
Offense: Mass Rdm
Banned By: Hate
Why should we unban you/shorten the ban period?: I would like to be unbanned because I know I have done a mistake and I would like to come forth and make an appeal before the server went down. Since then I was looking forward to when the server will be back up. I want to come to the server as a new member and a new person. It's just that I really love this server and I know what I did was really stupid, but I remember it had to involve some people which made me take that childish action. The ban has brought shame upon me and since then I have realized my mistakes and I want to be more apart of the community.  I want to join the server, meet new people, and  have fun with the rest of the server. I am looking forward to this Great DarkRp Server.

Thank you. Oddchief

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