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In-Game Name: HcAoRrDe


Steam Name: HcAoRrDe

Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator: I want to be more apart of the community then I am right now. As the server is ever going and more and more topics are made I can see the work can be over whelming and I would like to help lower the amount of work and give some breathing room to other forum staff.

How long have you been on the forums: I have been on the forums since January 13, 2014. Have been on the server since late Novemeber 2013.


What are your goals once forum moderator: My goals are to help get rid of spam, help out any members/staff in need, clean up topics or move them to correct locations, and block out unneeded posts that our members/staff should not have to see.

How are you going to accomplish these goals: Accomplishing these goals will take time on going over the server and having a watchful eye on all activity throughout all the forum. Being a stern staff member and letting people know they did wrong. Reporting incidences that I can not handle up the chain of command in a timely effective manner to get assistance when needed.

Why we should choose you: I currently am a server staff member and believe I have been doing a good job there. With that said that work I have put into the server will transition over to my work here being able to help all the community. I have a professional  manner to talk and or type to people with great understanding of they need answers to.  I check the forums  when ever I can mobile if I have to even. I believe my great understanding of people and how I can handle situations through text can become useful to the forums staff team.



Thank you for read and your consideration




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Is great in game server admin, very level headed, and would make a great mod +1


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