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In-Game Name: Mikoto Misaka (AKA Nyx de Manta)
Steam Name: Overlord Nyx
Why do you want to be a Forum Moderator: As for reasons to go, I can think of only minor Trivial reasons. I have been an admin on DarkrpReloaded for 2 months, and a member of the community since october, so i decided to step up one more margin and help the forums too.
How long have you been on the forums: I think i signed up late November, Early December. I cant remember to be honest.
What are your goals once forum moderator: Same thing as the Server, Stamp out trolls, keeping **** Clean and ensuring everyone has a fair..... oops sorry dropped my cue card... Where was i? Ah yes... ensuring everyone has a fair and enjoyable experience on the server.
How are you going to accomplish these goals: With a Massive Hammer and a cheesy grin.

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Si me gusta. He would make a great global mod.


"We cloak to catch kids doing stupid shit to ban them" ~ ShadowZack 2k14

"The server needs more internet" ~ Jimeng 2k14

"No wait, Denny's is for winners" ~ Henry-Grey 2k14

"Oh shit, i just got the compressed air shit in my eye" ~ Vortechs 2k15

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