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YoMamma's Staff Application

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Steam name:YoMammaIsAMoldyTaco (lildilly805)

RP name:YoMammaIsAMoldyTaco


Time zone + Location in this world:Pacific Daylight Time (California)

Hours available daily:2 Minimum so 2 or more hours a day (Sometimes it depends on my computer its bin acting weird lately trying to fix it

Tell us about yourself:As you know I'm 14 i love garry's mod DarkRP i fell in love with the first time i played garry's mod witch was like right when the mod came out. I'm on my computer a lot because to me its really fun i know a lot of stuff about computers and computer componets such as graphics card, processors etc. . I love the community that you guys have with DarkRP Reloaded love all of the regular members and the staff. So i just thought id put in an Application because i stick around the community because i enjoy it. I thought if i enjoyed why not try to help it. ;D

Why would you think you would be a good asset to our team: Because i'm active and mature (We Will let you guys decide if i am or not) i love the community i'm on the server daily.I try to help a lot but i am limited to just asking an staff to do the job and tell them all i know so i thought i take a shot at being one! I think i have some things i can bring to DarkRP Reloaded as well. I always have ideas for new things to add to make the game more fun for staff and players. I hope you think about my application and put in some input about it as well thanks for yourtime.  ;D

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